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Loan against bonds means is a one type of loan against listed securities such as shares, mutual funds ,bonds etc. Some of the banks provide loan facility. JM Finance is one of the most respected domestic investment bank. They are provide loan against bonds ,mutual funds and other financial services. It is  working as investment bank  and they provide best finance solution to their clients. They are also provide housing loans in India.  Their well-experienced team has greatly handled all services of clients means cooperators, individuals to raise the capital and also provide valuable advice on matters concerning M&As.  This bank ensure highly qualified and motivated individuals who can bring value to their organization. All these facilities and services required top of line professionals who can provide effective solutions.  Hope it useful…

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Loans are money that one can borrowed from either the banks, financial institutions or an individual. Loans can be short term which is always between the periods of 6-12 months,medium term for about a year or two and long term which is about 5 years and above.Some loans needs collateral before accessing it but most short term borrowing or loans wave such away.Loans have it repayment interest and period of repayment.

Bonds on the other hands is almost like loans but in this case instead  borrowijg from banks and others one decides to borrow from the public.So in this case instead of a company to raise money from any financial institutions, they rather issue bonds to anyone that want to be an investor in their company and the investor will give the company money and be getting interest on the money as agreed.

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