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Without it being super awkward.
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I'm not sure but telling her that her Boyfriend is so much lucky to have you may work and please her as well.
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I suppose you could ask her friends or maybe keep an eye out to see if she is hanging around with a guy. To be honest, even if it is awkward I would ask her because that way she will know that you are interested and if she likes you too you could ask her out. If she doesn't, well we all get rejected sometimes and at least you will know for sure and can move on.

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Well,I wouldn't see anything awkward about asking a girl if she has a boyfriend if one is trying to ask her out.I think it an appropriate thing to do to avoid any form of conflict.

If one is the bold type getting straight up to ask shouldn't be a problem, just asked if she is in any kind of relationship and of course no need asking about a boyfriend again since it obvious she will be in the relationship with a boy.

But if you are the shy type you can talk about not wanting to date another person friend and cunningly ask her,hope you aren't someone friend and read her body language more than the words because some people don't usually open up.

But doing my own findings have always been a workable means for me than asking the girl.
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First you don't need to rush things. Take some time to read the person's behaviors. Start by inviting her to outings and NOT to your house. You might even decide to take like a whole month or two know the person. You might feel like two months is a lot of time but then it pays. When the time is ripe enough and you feel like you already know much about the person, you can now go ahead and ask her whether she's seeing someone. If she's not then you're good to go and if she says yes then you can sort out yourself.
After confirming that she's single, don't ago ahead and start telling her that you're interested and you would love to date her. Patience is a virtue and relationships don't need to be rushed.  But then don't take too long to ask the Lady if she can date you because in the process of your thinking she might find someone whose ready.
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answered by ELITE (3,054 points) 8 36 67
I don't think there is really a best way to that. Anything could be tagged as being awkward depending on how you deliver the message. What I think is important is to have the right timing. Do not immediately go into that line of questioning if you are seeing this girl just recently.

On the other hand, if you have been talking or seeing this girl for quite a time now, wouldn't that be noticeable? I think you can get some clues if she is enjoying your on-going presence or accepts your invitation to go out or if she talks to you a lot. I don't think she would always entertain your invitations had she had a boyfriend, and that she will warn you if that is the case.

Women also have this skill of knowing when a man likes them based on non-verbal cues. Hence, if she isn't ignoring you, then there's a good chance that she doesn't have a boyfriend, and is also interested in you.
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answered by LEGEND (6,072 points) 7 22 49
As for me though, I don't really think there's a specific way of asking a girl if she has a boyfriend. It's completely weird to go and be asking a girl if she has a boyfriend or trying to enquire from her friend if she does have boyfriend. I am of the opinion that there's no single girl out there, especially a pretty one at that that does not have a boyfriend. I have made up my mind that any girl I am wooing is already having a boyfriend.

In that case, what I simply do is just to ask her in a subtle way when we are together who has she been dating before we met. And definitely, she can't lie in the pretext of me being with her for few days or months, because if she does, I'd certainly know that she's faking her answer to the question.
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Some guys are not really into asking, I know they are more in to talking about something then they make a segway to assume your boyfriend will be angry if they see you with him or another guy. If the girl  have a boyfriend, then she will say his boyfriend will not angry, then now the other boy knows the girl is in a relationship. If the girl do not have a boyfriend, she will instantly says she don't have a boyfriend. Now the boy knows she is not in a relationship. That is the guys technique in knowing if the girl has a boyfriend. If a girl has a boyfriend, you will see her talking with her friends about him and she is always holding her phone because she is checking out some messages from him.  Sometimes you don't have to ask, just look at her gestures.
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Am assuming you're referring to situations where a guy gets to fall possibly in love with a girl but doesn't make his intentions clear because he thinks she might already have a boyfriend.

If the above is the case, I'll find it pretty easy asking her the question. Am a straight forward person who spends little or no time contemplating on issues that can be clarified with a simple question. Hence, it won't be too hard for me to hit the nail on the head regardless of what might follow after asking her.

I'll walk up to her and simply ask her out on a date. During that time, I'll try as much as possible to give her a good time, and when she least expect it, I'll express my feelings towards her. During the course of doing so, I'll ask if she's got a boyfriend. Then hope for the best answer which I'll hope to be a "no" response.
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This kind of question comes to reality when you have feelings  for the lady or nurturing it. Personally if I like the lady I won't ask such question at first meeting, I will prefer to be her friend, get closer to her, study her and test the level of my importance to her.  If the results coming are positive I will then ask her the question, because at that stage she may be reluctant to say it which is a plus to you as a guy if you know the game.
Most ladies see it as been rude or insensitive when a guy ask them at first contact if they have boyfriend or not.  Everything has it step,  it is better to get close to the lady to a very reasonable extent such that you can guess the answer from her body language before you then put the question before her.
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The answer to this is do not ask the girl out if she has a boyfriend. First of all, you will be breaking the bro code. I don't know if you're familiar with this but if not, I recommend you watch How I Met Your Mother. Second, this is a selfish thing to do. If you know that the girl is in a relationship and is happy about it, don't try to ruin what she already has with her boyfriend just because you want to be with her. Third, there are so many fish in the sea. However, if she is the particular fish that you really like/want/love (whatever it is that you think you feel), you could just wait it out. That is, if you're patient enough to wait for a girl. Do not ask her out while in a relationship. Wait for her to be single. And then try your luck.
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Though, it is very important to know if a lady have boy friend or not. And as a man you need to be careful and logical with it. However, I expect a lady to discuss it with her guy if truly she is interested in him.
Recently, I read posts on social media that deals with best ways to tell or ask a Lady if she have boy friend or not. And some ways suggested are; "babe this one we are here, hope your guy won't be angry". "You're too pretty to be single", tell me about your past and present relationship.

All are logical enough, but I think the last one seems more matumature, logical and direct for a wise lady yo understand. So I adopt the last one for you to use. I trust she won't feel somehow to open up. And if she eventually refuses to open up. Just let her know you really want to know everything about her so that nothing will be news anymore.
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As far as I am concerned, I don't think that there is a better way to do this more than keeping track of how she reacts to series of events. There are two points that we should always have mind when we are talking about getting close to a lady and they are:

1. She is not another person girlfriend until she tells you that. There is this thing that I have noticed with the way that a lot of things always happen when it comes to lady and the thing is that she is going to tell you on her own that she can't date you in most cases as long as you are pressing the right buttons.

2. Don't act too needy. Ladies will always want to get what they can't have and this is the reason they are more attracted to guys that don't send them that much. So, as a guy, trying to find a balance on both ends will work better.

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