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I can share with experience that it's so very tough but we should move on. No benefit in convincing A Girl who is no more interested in you. 
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Personally, I have learnt that once a girl tells you that it's over, don't waste your time trying to win her back. Simply ignore her and move on with your life. 
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Yes, once a woman says no, you have to repect that. Ypu cannot insist a person if she don't want to.

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Like I said before, only two people can make a relationship work. If her heart isn't in it then you'd be in a relationship with yourself. If she says no, she probably doesn't love you anymore. The best way for couples to solve their problems is communication. Before you give up, have a good talk with her. She might just be upset about something. Sort whatever reconcilable differences. while doing that, we need to know the difference between fighting for love and begging for love.
If she's still adamant and she wants to let go. Don't force it, respect her feelings and move on. You are probably not the right one for her and holding on for longer might hurt you because she'll never offer you the love that you deserve. Sometimes the things we want aren't things we really need.
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This is very simple you can't force love and this is just the truth.I wonder what a courtship looks like with the other partner not bulging and never want to be with you.

The same way people are not willing to do anything they are not comfortable with,it the same way it will be in a relationship no matter how emotional one can be.

Instead of one wasting time on relationship that will go no way ,why don't one just get the message even from the lady's body language to quit, the signs would always be there is just that people always want to turn a blind eye.

Summary is it wouldn't augur well trying to force a horse  to drink water. The girl say I'm no longer in a courtship with you,no beating  around the Bush so just back off.
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Yes. You stop being the person who expects something in return. You cannot force her to love you or to feel the same way if she really doesn't. After you have made your feelings known then you can either stay by her side or leave her be, and these entirely depend on you. If you choose to stay, it should not be as if you are imposing yourself. Be there for her, but as I said, do it because it pleases you and not because you want her to do the same. On the other hand, if you choose to leave, I think it'd be best to explain it to her because as much as it is hard for you, I think the decision to reject your feelings has also been tough for her.

Bottom line is you need to talk things through, as this will lessen the conflict and resolve any misunderstandings.
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When a girl says stop and she really means it then you should stop, it is so hard to change her mind if you know that she has made a firm decision. You can know that she has made a final decision if the relationship ended after giving you a good reason for example she cannot put up with you cheating or she does not love you anymore and has moved on with someone else.
On the other hand, do not give up on her just because you had a quarrell and she said stop while you were fighting. Chances are that she made a rush decision and she will regret later and ask for forgiveness. When this happens, give her time to get over her anger before you can solve the issue together. Also, speaking as a lady, I sometimes pretend to end things with a guy just to see how serious they are with me. A non serious guy will walk away without caring while a serious guy will be closer trying to dig out the reason for a breakup and sometimes apologize for nothing. So before stopping, find out the reason and be more caring, maybe she is just testing you.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
To be honest, it really depends if the girl like you. If the girl like you, when she said stop courting her, it means a challenge. If she said that, you can rest for a while but find the right timing to open your heart for her again and court her again. Just do it slowly. If the girl doesn't like you, then you should stop. She will be very irritable once you keep on insisting. Different girls have different attitude. If she is no longer replying to your messages or when you see in person and she doesn't notice you or pretend to not notice you, then she is giving you the cold shoulder and it means you should really stop courting her. Some girls knows already if whatever that is happening between you have a future. Of course, no one wants a time to waste so we all need to do a decision.
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There are trying times in every relationship,  sometimes a lady might just try to test your faith and level of commitment to the relationship you both keep.  If you are very sensitive you will know the difference between when. she test you  and when she is mean. That is why communication and love language is necessary in every relationship. You sensitivity will help  you judge the situation as to whether you should quit or call for reconciliation.
The believe that there is " a better replacement provided you are just" should always be your watch word. If you discover the interest of building the relationship together with you is not longer in her , don't press harder,  respect her feelings and part away quietly, humbly and decently from her.
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answered by LEGEND (6,072 points) 7 22 49
Obviously, it won't be an ideal thing to do to just chicken out if a girl resists your advances in trying to woo her for yourself. I know it takes two tangle but one thing is certain here since you're attempting to make her yours, you don't have to quit on her like that without making her feel valuable and desirable.

I've come to discovered an important secret about the female folks that they like being chased by the males. They see it as the only way you can take them as expensive somebody, and not as cheap as a street hooker.

My advise to you is don't relent in going after her. If you like her and you feel there's reason for her to reciprocate your love for her, then keep at it. Be patient with her, don't try to rush things up with her, that might chase her away. Show her how much you care about her by being gentle and chivalrous towards her.
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Yes you should give up on her. She is basically telling you that she wants to break up. If the girl doesn't love you anymore, why beat yourself up over it. Just get over her and move on to another girl you fancy. I say do a complete break. Don't call or text her unless she initiates. If she was the one she wouldn't be second guessing your relationship with her. If you still love her but she doesn't love you then it's a unhealthy relationship still and you should get over her. You can't force a relationship that fizzled out over time, just try again with a new girl. Work on yourself, do hobbies, activities that you like to do with your friends. Meet more people of the opposite sex and you might find yourself being attracted to one of those friends.
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answered by ELITE (3,084 points) 3 6 14
Sincerely, I can't say you should just give up but you should first seek God's guidance over your relationship affairs. Some things doesn't last not because they are totally bad. But because there is a better purpose in your life. I understand your pain and I trust to know how it feels. I was once in same shoe, when the lady I was dating actually said same thing; on that very day, I became shocked and disbalanced. We actually met sometimes around 2008 and love started and trust me, it was fun that I never want to miss a moment. Suddenly she started giving attitudes and distance, I tried to check but she always refused me, did I remembered to tell you I was actually into a relationship before I met her. And I had to plead with the first girl I was with to let me go since she was not actually serious with me then. So it working fine with us, till she started acting.
As at when she told me she want to quit, 8 thought I could still buy her heart back.but I forgot that "no woman quits for no reason, its because she get new guy". All my efforts and prayers were in vain. I later gave up.

Few years after then, she got admission into my school and she started hearing my name everywhere for good.  Then she started by sending text requesting to see me. We met but by then I was already into a better relationship relationship. She started feeling jekouse and bad about her past. I encouraged hher to move on. It was until this time that I knew what God actually took away from my life in the past which might be being my forever regret till today..

So, if you try your best and it didn't yield, please let her go.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 4 25 92
Seriously, to love and be loved back exactly the same way is very hard to get and if you are very lucky to have someone love you back the exact same way you loves the person, then you are absolutely blessed.
Now, it's very wrong to try and force your love on anyone for any reason whatsoever, it's never the right thing to do and on the long run, that forced love would turn out to have you exhausted and completely disappointed even when it means that you have already courted the particular girl for so long, the moment she opens up and tell you that it's over, I would advise you to do the following things before making up your mind that the relationship is over.
Try as much as possible to find out the reason why she wanted to end the relationship, if it's your fault, try and correct it but if you can't, learn to accept it and move on.

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