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Can you please clarify what you mean by "higher species"? I want to fully understand your question for me to be able to provide an appropriate answer.

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If you mean other species that would be regarded as more intelligent with a much more developed brain than the human species  which I think there aren't but let's assume, then maybe humans can actually be considered by them as bioindicator species.

Bioindicator species are species whose presence, absence, abundance and functions within an ecological community indicate something about the quality of the environment. For instance, frogs and toads are used to assess the level of pollution in their environment as their skins and gills have the ability to absorb harmful chemicals compounds around them.

As we are witnessing man's current increasing and alarming rate of destruction of the environment, I can say that man is an indicator of environmental degradation. Humans wherever they are found always alter the state of the environment to suit themselves.
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Am meant to understand that bioindicators are simply living organism that gives us an idea of the general health state of an ecosystem.

Drawing from the definition above and if there were actually higher species living amongst us, humans will definitely be bioindicators, biologically indicating the trails of destructions we've left in every of our paths around the globe.

This is going to sound crazy and a lot of people will disagree, but I personally believe in the presence of higher intelligent species on earth. Maybe not human or earth like creatures, but extraterrestrial scouts, coming in and out of the planet to study us. If that be the case, then our very existence and how much we've taken and keep taking from nature leading to increasing depleting resources will most definitely count as  a major bioindicator.
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