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Marriage is all about love and love they say is blind which begs the question if you would agree to marry someone who smokes? 
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I would. Why not? A person is loved for his character, sense of humor, feelings that he gives us. You still love a person who, for example, loves mushrooms very much, but you don't eat them at all. This is no reason not to love. The same situation with smoking
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That's the point. Smoking alone does not nullify the rest of a person's character. Still others would think otherwise. 

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No I wouldn't,though I don't want to judge anyone but will definitely not put my self in harm's way. I was shock when I read years ago that passive smokes i.e those that just perceives the smoke or stay near smokers not even smoking tend to be more liable to get highly affected than even the smokers. So with this information it will be foolish of me to accept a smoker as a friend or wife. I might try to convince her to change the habit as a mutual friend and can only talk about any serious relationship if she stops smoking.

When we talk about love being blind I don't think it should include what might cause  our  death. Inhaling smoke from a smoker for too long can give one heart attack which could lead to death if not properly handled.
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Smoking is very inimical to one's health, and in my opinion I don't even understand why some people still smoke when they are well aware of the dangers that smoking poses to their health with all the diseases which are associated with smoking. Personally, I don't see anything fun with smoking and as a result of that I wouldn't smoke for any reason whatsoever and still would never agree to have anything to do with any girl or women or a lady that smokes.
Some people would like to make excuses about the weather as a reason why they have to smoke in order to help them regulate their internal temperature but to me it's all pretense to cover up their urge to smoke either cigarettes or Marijuana. Most times, addiction is the problem of most people and the sooner they take care of it, the better for them.
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To be frank with you, I am not going to marry anyone that is not doing the things that I enjoy. I understand that marriage is all about making sacrifices, but to marry someone that is a smoker is out of the question for me since it doesn't make much sense to me. I mean when I look back and see that marriage is for better for worse, it means that I should not be going to it for the worse part of it.

Yeah, things may change in the future, but it doesn't necessarily mean that I should start enduring immediately we enter the marriage. For example, I don't smoke and don't have any need to be a smoker as I see it as an act that is irritating. So, for someone that is a smoker to be my wife is something I can't do since I don't even have that love in me for that kind of person.

What is necessary is finding someone you love and making things work out at the end of the day and not someone you will endure.
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It is very easy to say no but this question is a bit tricky and needs to be analyzed critically. Yes of course smoking is very bad. Especially for the health. To think that there are people who drink, don't smoke but completely condemn smokers and would never be with one.

I believe when you talk about marriage, there are many factors to consider. What if the person is everything you ever asked for and the only dent is that they smoke? Would you give it all up. Plus you aren't flawless. I'm just saying, unlike everyone else that smoking isn't the only reason to call it quits and it isn't the most terrible bad habit.

Anyone who can't stand it has every right to take a walk. If you can though, you can try to make the person better. I know people who live with smokers and they are together because they love them.
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Absolutely no. I can't see myself marrying someone who smokes. As for me, the opposite sex that smokes is no go area for me, talk more of dating or marrying such a person. If I were the type of guys who like to have fun with girls with no strings attached, maybe I would have loved to do same with them, and move on. But unfortunately, I can't be with a girl I am not connected to emotionally.

Apparently, the main reason why I can't marry someone who smokes is that I am not into it. As the say goes, birds of the same features flock together. And also, it takes two tangle. Since we are not like-minded, I don't think we share anything in common that can get us glued together.
On the health side of things, I know the dangers such a person would pose to my own health, because even though I don't smoke, I don't want to die of passive smoking via the inhaling of smoke from my smoking partner. Additionally, I wouldn't want my wife to die of premature death caused by smoking.
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Second hand smoke is really dangerous, so if I will marry someone who smokes, I am the second hand smoker. Actually, smoking is part of a lifestyle. We cannot make them stop easily. I just hope when I found my true love and when he smokes, I can able to stop him from doing that because it is really dangerous to both of our health. Of course, I do not prefer people who smokes but I cannot judge them because they are smoking or even more. If a person smokes, but he is responsible, understanding, organized, kind and loyal, I think I will not be thinking about he smokes but I will find a way for him to stop it gradually. For sure true love will make him stop because he will know that smoking will affect me too. I really hope I will find a guy that is not smoking but I cannot judge a person because of their smoking habits.
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Exactly like you said it, a older man ever told me a story of his most loyal and truthful wife. At his younger age according to him, he was sent to far north in his country for an assignment and he lodge in an hotel where the company agent in that city or state brought a young lady to spend the nnight with him. He didn't decline since that was not the first time such gesture is presented to him. He allowed her in and they actually had a nice time together annd in the morning they got talking. From the discussion, she told him she is doing what she is doing to earn money for her feeding and education. So the man said, he was touched and from that moment, he decided to take responsibility of her education and well being only if she will stop the job. She agreed and that was the beginning oof the journey till there 35years of happy marriage.

So I can marry her as far as she will change.

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