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From my experience with my travel all over the corners of the world which I have had the pleasure of visiting, I have come to understand that one thing is constant all over the world and it's culture shock. Culture is the rejection feeling which people have whenever they are exposed to cultural practices that they are not familiar with and most times, there people tend to be judgmental with respect to the kind of cultures they are comfortable with.
There is this particular cultural practice in my part of country called female circumcision. A lot of people are against this cultural practice while some people are in support of it for one reason or another. My family is very much against female circumcision and I have been judged on more than one occasion as a result of that.
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Funny how what is culturally accepted somewhere is greatly frowned upon elsewhere as in the case of female circumcision. 
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As Africans, we have several ethic groups or rather tribes. Like in my country Kenya, we have approximately 43 tribes. When I was young, I used to wonder how possible is it that people can talk mother tongue and understand each other well. I have always imagined the origin of these languages but never got the answer and only a linguistic can answer this. Anyway some things are just meant to be and I cannot just change the fact. The only way is to embrace my tribe but be cautious about about tribalism.

About religion, race and the rest, they have never bothered me because those are facts and cannot be changed. There's no way I can change my religion nor race. We are human beings and ought to understand and appreciate nature .
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There is no way one cultural practice is going to a general acceptable norm, so this makes it possible to accepted in some part of the world and shun at some other part of the world especially when such people don't feel comfortable with such cultural practices. I have been subject of cultural insult if I'm to put it that way but that doesn't mean much to me because all I'm sure of is that they don't know any better. Some of the food we eat which is part of our culture is seen as being horrible by some people. I can remember when one South African man came online on Facebook and insulted one of our food called "Amala" saying that it looks like shit. Amala is prepared with dried grinded yam and it's cooked like semovita. People most likely don't support what they don't understand.
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I haven't been to a white dominated country before, so I can't say that i've faced any form racism or discrimination due to my skin color. But I may have experienced one or two segregation shown at people of the same origin as me here in my country.

Just like @ruthmongare stated, we also have an overwhelming 350+ tribes in my country with 3 classified as the major tribal groups. I happen to belong to one of the three major tribes, but for some genetic reasons, people find it very difficult to tell which I belong to. I kind of like it that way because under this disguise, i've learnt a lot about behaviors of certain groups.

Drawing from the last paragraph, i've been in situations where people close me belonging to other regions or tribes talk emotionally ill about people of my own tribe. They often go as far treating them badly which off course unnerves me. Most times I keep quiet and try to understand why they behave in such manner. But in some cases when am unable to stomach their actions, I challenge them by revealing my true origin.

My point is, people often judge others because of stories they've heard without getting close to see for themselves whether it's true or not. While some do it unconsciously due to their upbringing or personality. Anyways, It all boils down to human behavior and psychology.There's very little or nothing that can be done to change it so long as culture, race and religion continue to exist in our world. 

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Yes, I was judge by the color of my skin. I am fair and some of my classmate says that being fair is not human at all. They said that being fair is a color of a ghost so I am not human at all. When I was young, I don't understand that, but when I was growing up, I understand that they are trying to bully me or make me feel upset by my color because they don't understand that people are different from one another. I also learned that they just don't like me that is why they are putting me down and making me feel bad about myself. I was also judge by my pointed nose. Also, being a Filipino, someone from the web told us that we do look like a monkey. We are just like talking monkeys. These are all people that just hate us. It hurts but we cannot control them anyway.
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The truth is that I have been affected in a way from the hasty generalization by others that I am going to like money and will do anything to get it no matter how old try to do as long as I wish to since I am someone that come from the igbo tribe. Honestly, this has been worrisome to me as the reason some people will judge me because of my ethnicity.

I come from a family of four and our parents taught us the need to always be hardworking people. This attitude is something that I have uphold as I always try to do good in every where that I have found myself.

Also, I have been judged as a Catholic Church member by others with the notion that we are the people that don't normally pray well.

This kind of analysis and conclusion always make me weak and sad on how others tend to judge people based on religion and tribe even before getting closer to such persons.
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In a very large way I have been judged because of my race. I mean as a Nigerian people judge one from face value. For just been a Nigerian people outside just automatically believe there's something off about you. I always believe any criminal activity carried out is an individual thing but for my race we are all grouped as one which is really appalling.

A new site once automatically blocked all IP addresses coming from my country and when I email the admin to find out what was the problem since it was really a new site and nobody from my country would have committed a crime yet. I was disappointed when I learned it was just about what according to him he knew about my country. So he refused to even test us that were coming to join the site, he just barred us signing up just because of our race.
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That is in fact very common and it is so sad that an entire country would be judged by the wrong doings of only a handful. It is left for the upright ones to try as much as possible to change that impression. 
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To be honest, yes. And it's really hurt me because the person who did this to me is the one close to me. I never thought someone will bully me. He insulted me also about my belief which I didn't do the same because I respect his. A person can be bullied or racist if they really don't appreciate the worthy of each culture. Some people do not practice culture the reason why they won't appreciate others.

I have noticed too that some will look at you and when you read in their eyes, where this girl coming from. And when you feel that look from head to toe, that's very insulting. And I experienced too even if you are setting with each other they won't even say just because my skin color is different from theirs. But with all these matters, in the society I lived in which is multi-cultural, we have to accept every changes.

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