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This question is specifically addressed to the ladies in the community. From my observations, wigs are trending right now.

Do you love them? Do you wear them? 

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I never experienced wearing a wig even just for fun. There is no occasion suited for me to wear one. Even if I want to wear one, I know it will not look good to me. I adore people who are wearing wig for occasions. I feel sad to those people who are wearing wigs because they are already losing hair. I do not make fun of them, I only know what they are going through. Especially those who are having chemotherapy. Of course, it will be very hard for them to wear a different hair but they do not have a choice. I am glad we have available different wigs so that those kinds of people have an option to use it. Wigs are addition to fashion and they are really helpful. I admire people who started it and i hope they continue to innovate and invent wigs that really don't look like a wig
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I do not wear wigs or weavon. I find them really discomforting and anything that makes me uncomfortable is a huge turn off for me no matter the trend. I love to braid or bond my natural hair.

I understand that wigs these days are part of fashion statement and they compliment the wearer. I even found that they are sold at such outrageous prices. Good for me that I don't care for the wigs. I don't think all women like wigs and weaves and I believe they are sold more in regions where their hair is considerably thick, curly and kinky.

This has always been the trend in my country. It makes the ladies look good. So if they can afford them, why not go for them. It is even a part of budget for some as they have to change and put on new ones regularly.

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