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Real Madrid won the last season 2017/2018 Uefa Champions league. 

This season 2018/2019, do you think they would win it once again or another team would win it? 

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Real Madrid has made history wining the UEFA championship league back to back, but I highly doubt they can do it again this season.

Real Madrid has had probably one of their worst start to a football season in a very long time. I believe the team is unorganized, and with the transfer of Ronaldo, there's barely team work going on. But maybe that's about to change, their game last night was an impressive one, winning with over 4 goals interval. Maybe the new manager will improve things.

Even though am a full pledged Man United fan, I'd bury my ego and pick Barcelona as the most favorite and possible winners of this season's champions league. If you've been watching their game, then you must know what am talking about. Barcelona is probably the most rated team in the world right now. After barcelona, I can begin to pick Man utd, juventus or Liverpool as possible winners.
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It's just too early for us to be making prediction who Champions League winner would be. Besides, the round of matches for the group stage is yet to be completed. We can't even tell the teams that are going to make it out of the group stage, that are going to feature in the round of sixteen. I think until we see the performances of teams in the round of sixteen plus semis, as we usually do, that's when we can start talking about the team that would win the prestigious UCL trophy.

It is obvious this time around the defending champion, Real Madrid, are not going to find easy, because they are not even doing well presently in the competition. But that doesn't mean they can't wow us like they've done in the past three seasons once they are out of the group stage.

Additionally, teams like Manchaster City might just be the team to beat this time around due to their current form. Apparently, we can't rule out teams such as Juventus, Barcelona, Roma, PSG, because of the crop of talents they have in their teams.

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