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Which team do you think would win the English Premier League 2018/2019 season?

I'm going with Manchester City. 

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Football is a game of numbers as we always know and this is what I will be looking at when I am trying to pick a team that is likely to win the English Premier league for this current season.

First of all, Manchester City, just as you mentioned is a great team that is enjoying the fruits of having enough money spent on the team while the technician known as Pep Guardiola is also the manager. As far as I am concerned, this particular team should try to win the league once more (they are the defending champion) as they have played well for the first 12 games that we've had in the league.

I also see the Liverpool team as a threat to Manchester City winning the league as the boys being managed by Jurgen Klopp are doing all they could to win the league for the first time in years. Let's see how it will go at the end, but this is the league that Liverpool should try to win.
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This would be a tough call for anybody to make because from how the EPL table look like right now, the bookmakers can't precisely tell which side of the team would the pendulum swing at the end of the season. It is obvious that the competition is very much palpable in this league due to how the various teams are at each others throat. No team is the title sure for, because the top teams like Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal are all occupying top of the table doing so with little margin of points separating them.
The prediction would have been easier to make if it were half of the season. But as it's like, we can't bet on any of the teams because the race is still very wide open. Even the teams below the top four teams at the top of the table such as Totteham, Manchester United might surprise everyone of us at the end of the season. Although they might not win the league, but they still have the chance of finishing in top four, which they would be appreciative of if they are able to pull it off.

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