Ok, older brother(22) has a best friend(22) who is also like a brother to me(19f).Older bro has never had an issue with his other friends talking to me but somehow doesnt like his "own" best friend talking to me and I dont know why that is.The issue started when my brother asked me whom I think is cute in his batch.I told him the truth, that my friends think that his best friend is kindoff good looking.He took the comment badly in an almost offended tone and told me, whats soo great in him?.I told him, none of my business, just my friends think soo.And come to think of it, his friend is this real tall(like6.2),slim, good looking,and quite popular with women.To add to the matter, his friend asked me in joking way whther i can see him like a brother?.Being my bros friend, and having known him..I said..ok.After this incident whenever his friend talks to me, I notice my brother squirming around.

First of, why does he have a friend, he doesnt like?.Secondly, if he doesnt like his friend talking to me, he can tell him, instead of showing me faces.
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This sounds like there is something going on between your brother and his friend. Just do what he wants you to do.

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Well,you can't know your brother's friend more than he does, he might have some hidden things he knows about him and feel he shouldn't be too close to his sister and again, seeing that you admire him and even your friends endorse him to be a prince charming, that he can easily fans or scheme his way to your heart and space and maybe takes advantage of you.

I don't think you should misunderstand your brother I believe he just being the big brother that he is trying to protect you from his scheming friend.You know when you admire someone and he approaches you for whatever reason.you might not think straight before failing for it.i think it not in your brother's place to restrict his friend but it better he stops you because you're like his direct responsibility.So see it that way.
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There is a wise saying that goes like this - what an elder sees seating down, even if a child climbs the Iroko tree which is the tallest tree in the world, the child still wouldn't be able to see what the elder saw while seating down.

Now, what I'm trying to say is that there is a very good reason why your brother doesn't feel comfortable with you getting into any kind of relationship with his friend even if there is nothing serious about the said relationship.

Remember, it's his friend and not your own friend, so he definitely knows something that is bad about his friend which you are not privy to and he certainly doesn't want his own blood sister to fall a victim under any circumstances with his friend. His friend might be a womanizer and he doesn't want you to be treated like a rag when he is done with you. So, be careful and listen to your brother, he wants the best for you.
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For starters, perhaps you brother got so jealous of his friend because you and your other friends think that he's the cutest. Maybe he expected you to call his name or so. He might think that you are interested in his friend and I know most guys don't like their friends dating their sisters.

I think he is just being protective of his little sister. Guys have codes and secrets that they share, keep and protect. So maybe he doesn't want you getting involved with the sorts that he knows about his friend.

Since he's just like a brother anyway and nothing more, you can just keep it that way. After all he is your brother's friend and not yours. You should not be around him that much and if it bothers you a lot, you can talk to your brother about it.
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From what you have narrated, it seems your older brother is feeling jealous with your rapport with his friend. If it's not an act of jealousy, I don't see the reason why he should be behaving funnily any time he sees you and his friend together. Perhaps he thinks you are falling head over heel for him, because of the candid response you gave him when he asked for your opinion on who's the finest among them.

Truthfully, aside the scenario that played out on the answer you gave him, which was actually made by your close friend, we guys are always like that. It is in nature to always feel somewhat insecure whenever our friends are picking interest in our sisters. And so don't be taken on aware about his attitude of not wanting you to be around his friend. Maybe he feels with time you are going to fall for him, even though as at now it's just on casual basis you guys are relating.

My honest advice is, you should try to confront your brother head on any time you notice his strange behavior whenever you are taking to his friend, which you can do after his friend has left.
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To answer your first question. I don't think your brother has a friend he doesn't like. On the contrary, his beat friend is like a brother to him and he wants you to see him that way. He knows his best friend likes you, and given any chance, he'll want to make a move, which to your brother isn't cool since he sees him as a brother. And let's be honest with ourselves, are you sure it was tour friends who said tour brother's friend is kind of cute? Am sensing you like him too. If that's the case, then your brother's anger is justifiable. Justifiable not because it's right, but because guys do not like it when their friends hit on their sisters. And as you stated, the guy is popular around girls, maybe your brother is trying to protect you from falling prey to his friend.
Talking to his friend and telling him not to talk to you is immature and awkward. He doesn't want to affect his relationship with his friend over something that hasn't even started yet. Maybe if you and his friend have gone deeper, then he might come through by talking to his friend. Whatever the case, i think your brother is only trying to protect you. Have a honest discussion with him to understand why he doesn't want you involved with his friend.
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it sounds like there is something more to this than your brother is telling you. Your brother might know something about his best friend that he is not sharing with you. For one thing, his best friend can be a lady's man and pick up on a lot of women just to sleep with them and your brother is trying to protect you from this. Your brother sounds like he is being overprotective of his friend talking to you. You should sit down and have a talk with your brother and find out the real reason behind all of this. There is something there that he is not sharing with you and you need to find out what it is.
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