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Sometimes i 've been experiencing some things i can't explain. When i close my eyes all i see is my environment was very bright and it seems like i am outside of our house in a daytime but when i open my eyes all is dark although i am awake, i close my eyes again i thought i was dreaming... But all i see is still the same... Seems like i am in a daytime environment. Its confusing.
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There are people that are always able to see things that happen in the spiritual and I don't really think that it is something that can happen unless you are ready to work on your spiritual life as well. 

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One of the best ways to open your third eye is through meditation. Using meditation on a daily basis will help you to focus on your mental clarity. You can't open your third eye if you are distracted and your mind is filled with clutter. Furthermore, if you spend more time in nature and do more creative things this will help to calm you and give you the ability to open your third eye.

When meditating you'll need the perfect surrounding to do this. Choose a calm, quiet spot to use for your meditation. When you meditate you'll need to try and focus your mind on charka. This is your third eye. Furthermore, your position when meditating is very important. You will need to pick the right position for you.

Focus on a single object and pick a mantra for you. The mantra is a single word that you will use. The word should help you focus your mind and concentrate. This word will be used over and over again to focus your mind. In order to condition your third eye, you'll need to make a routine of meditation each day and also be more mindful to your surroundings.
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Thanks, it's a big help.
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The best way to open your third eye is through meditation. I actually have a meditation for this and it is as follows:

Sit in a quiet and comfortable room. Make sure there are no noises or other people present.

Take a few deep breaths.

Close your eyes.

Visualize a white light surrounding the middle of your forehead (between your eyebrows since this is where your third eye actually is).

Next, visualize your third eye. Imagine your third eye opening up.

Finally, visualize what color your third is. What color is it?

Once you have visualized it's color, you have opened your third eye.
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Thanks, it means when i close my eyes and see white background i already open my third eye?
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If you are seeing white ( or any other color) it means you've opened up your third eye. :)

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You're very welcome. :)

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The concept of third comes from Hindu philosophy. According to Hindu philosophy there is a hidden eye between the eyebrows that can be opened through meditation and tantric rituals. The concept of the third eye is extensively explained in Tantrism. Tantrism is a Hindu belief that recommends rituals to gain psychic power including the opening of the third eye. According to tantrism, a human body has 7 chakras lined up vertically in the spine. The third eye is one of the 7 charkas. Tantrism explains different methods to open your charkas, including the third eye chakra.

The most common method to open the third eye is by concentrating on the area between the eyebrows with your eyes closed. It might takes years to open the third eye.
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The best way to open your third eye is by being close to God ofcourse we all know that seeking a spiritual gift demands being close to a spiritual being too.So how can we be close to God, is by obeying is laws and abiding with them.

Light have nothing to do with darkness likewise filth have no business with cleanliness.God detest a foul spirit and all that comes with it and definitely we can't serve two matters so if you don't need a foul spirit we need to do away with things that will attract them and inhibit only the right things.

Having the third eye is of importance it help open our eyes to the future and even our present but most importantly it helps us communicate effectively with God.We just have to do the right things to have it with us.
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When I was young, my mother told me that I was talking to someone. I was a toddler then and then they thought, I have an third eye, but at present when I think about it, all I can remember is that, all toddler have some imaginary friend moments when they were young. A mother of a good friend told me to open my third eye back when I was on my senior high. I told her that when I go to strange places I get goosebumps and I always feel there is someone watching me. She recommended me to open my third eye. It is through meditation. You need to be in a place that is too far for any kind of noise. Try to imagine a place that is calming. Try to create a place in your brain. You cannot do it in one sitting, because it is a process. When you already opened your third eye, this will happen. As you see your imaginary place, when you open that place, you will the exact place in front of you.  It happened to me, but it was fast.

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