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Solar electricity is one of the latest technological invention today. Are you pleased with solar electricity? 
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If it's really truly can save electricity bill why not, but I think you need sun most the day for having solar.

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I love solar generated electricity. I live in Florida where it is sunny most of the year and there is quite the opportunity for solar to become the main energy source in this part of the country. For home owners there are substantial tax credits that cover most of the cost required to have your home fitted with solar panels and power banks. The average electric bill in my neighborhood in the summer time ranges from $200-$300, where with solar most if not all of that could be provided by the sun.

I have a friend who has solar panels on his home and he actually generates more energy than he needs each month. Because he has a surplus of energy he is able to actually receive a check each month from the electric company as opposed to a bill each month. It just makes sense to install the panels and start to earn a small amount of passive income as opposed to paying for services each month that can be provided by the sun for free,
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Yes I have always loved solar generated electricity since it what an individual can provide without having to depend on any other person. For example in my country where 95% of citizens have to depend on public electricity provided by the government even with the outrageous bills we still do not have light in our homes and there's always hike all the time. But with solar power when once the panel is put in place the light generation is free.
Solar power is a renewal source of energy which is very natural and one has no business with electricity bill.

With solar power,the maintenance cost isn't high like other sources. Maintaining the solar panel doesn't take much of work.
Another good thing is that it is dependent of the sun which is just about nature.
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Yes I love solar generated from of electricity because it is an independent kinda of electricity and uninteruption does not occur as such while using it. It is not expensive because the source of the energy is readily available especially in my country where we can have hot sun sometimes 9 hours in a especially during dry season.
Solar electricity makes one to very disciplined with the rate of power consumption since you easily know the value of energy readily available from the panel reader.
It is a one time financial commitments which is just buying the solar power plant and after that there wont be any thing electricity bills monthly that the hydro power generation company do charge.  It is not as popular in my country yet.
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I like solar generated electricity. Although I'm yet to purchase one, I think that it is a brilliant idea behind this technology. I mean what better way to utilize the excess of energy coming from the ultimate source itself.

In my country, this is the best option for us. Although it is a bit expensive to install, it is overly worth the money. Like a lifetime investment. By installing solar, you do not need to owe the utility companies any bills. It powers any form of electricity need.

Power in third world nations is very unstable. Meanwhile this source of energy is in abundance. I could only wish that it becomes. Much more affordable even to the poorest so that everyone can enjoy uninterrupted power supply. I think solar energy is here to stay.
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Yeah, I am cool with solar generated electricity on one condition, that's if it has all the capacity to last twenty four hour a whole day. In spite of how great this awesome alternative source of power is, it has its own shortcomings, which is the inability to store high amount of electric charges that would last a whole day. This obviously tick me off about electricity powered by solar.

Undoubtedly, solar generated electricity is ideal for countries experiencing epileptic power supply. The particular thing I like about it is the ability to convert solar energy to electric energy. I find it quite impressive in terms of how it harness this energy from the sun and store it on the surface of the panel, where it subsequently convert it to electricity.

In spite of all this great stuff it is known for, I don't like its total reliant of sunlight. Meaning that times when there is no sunlight, there won't be electricity. If I want to go for it, it will only serve as alternative to the main power supply, because I wouldn't want to be left in dark during times when there is no sunlight to power it, especially when it rains.
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Even though solar generated electricity does not replace conventional means of electricity completely, i've come to realize that its a good way of genrating electricity to a certain level of comfort. I haven't had the personal experience of self generating and using solar energy fulltime, but i've lived in places where solar energy was my means of getting power. I have to say that I was satisfied with it and led me to do a realseaech on it.
From my research, i've come to understand that solar energy is quiet expensive with regards to self generating as compared to using normal electricity services. The process of generating solar energy requires the use of solar panels, cables, batteries, inverters, all of which can be a little expensive to purchase and requires constant maintenance in order for maximum usage. Normal means of using electricity also can be expensive but doesn't require regular work as solar energy does. This is the major reason why most people still prefer using conventional electricity services as all it requires is just paying your bills to have it.
However, with the pace at which society is moving towards having a more green society free of pollution, i think solar energy is the next big step into generating energy needed foe our daily use.
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I live in the tropics and we have a lot of sunshine all the time. Here electricity is rather expensive and it is better to invest in solar panels for your home and make your own electricity. There are many people now who are living on small islands that find it easier to install solar panels in their home than pay the high cost to have electricity delivered to them. I feel this is an excellent idea and also great for the environment. We need more people who are willing to invest in solar panels and not use the electricity that is generated from oil. 
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Actually you are right when you say that it has become very popular nowadays. There are a lot of people who are embracing the whole idea because it is cheap to maintain and easily available. One thing that could be a problem is when you take it to a place that is not weather friendly. Am talking of places like the States, Ireland, Canada, this are places that have not too friendly weather patterns. The place is always cold if you have summer, it will only last for 3 months or so, so i wouldn't say it would be convenient to have solar systems and panels in place in such places. not unless they have a different way of generating the solar. Tropical countries like where i come from, Jamaica, Nigeria and the like are paces that would enjoy such amenities because it is very hot there. the sun is ever shinning, so you wouldn't have a problem charging up the systems to last you for days depending on what you are using it for. It's a good idea but i don't think it would last for too long. Some people say they would rather have it as a substitute in case the lights go off, you have something to fall back on.

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