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Some people sleep 5 hours in the night, while some sleep more or less than 5 hours till it's morning. 

How long do you sleep every night? 

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Before I have children,I can sleep more than 8 hours during the night straight up. But, since I have children,I can't barely sleep enough, even since I was still pregnant. Sometimes there were night I couldn't sleep at all because insomnia attack me. Roughly I can only sleep  3-4 hours when I had my first baby,of course its due to the new born is in demand for breastfeeding. I constantly waking up every 2-4 hours to feed the baby, and I couldn't sleep back immediately. It takes me 30 minutes to an hour to fall asleep not unless I am really tired.

After 4 years of non straight sleep at night until now, because I am still breastfeeding with my second one. I put my children at 8 PM and most of the time second child will wake up after 3 hours from sleep to breastfeed. I am hoping soon enough I can get my sleep straight as well as my child.
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Being a mother is not an easy task at all. You are definitely going to forfeit a lot of things for your baby and sleep is among the things that you are going to be giving up to attend to your baby. 
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I usually go to bed early at night to
 have a nice sleep since there is no serious engagement anymore to do. I go to bed latest by 8pm and I wake up by 5am. I cultivated this habit due to research I made on health issues and my discoveries are; sleeping early is very good to the human health since human takes in different toxic materials during the day, the liver and long usually wish to short down or narrow their activities into detoxification of those materials and they both need enough time to do that without interruption. If you observe so well, when you sleep late, youvtendvto wake late and won't still look healthy. It is proven that at 3-5am the blood moves to the lung for detoxifying, then at 5-6am it will be at the large intestine and at this period exercise is very important with possibility of breathing in fresh air. Then at 7-9am one is expected to take good break fast which is the most important daily meal.
Conclusively, if the sleep is not enough, the organs will not be detoxify completely and it will afftectvthe next day actions.
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You are very correct my friend with that assertion on if you are not getting enough sleep, it's most likely going to affect your health. 

I know this experience first hand because till today, I still don't get enough sleep. I don't sleep up to 5 hours every day and it makes me feel horrible every morning. 
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I don't joke with my sleep because it the only time I can rest properly it isn't about taking a nap but taking a deep rest that will help one relax both the nerves and the entire body. I'm an early riser so I hit the sack quite early and sleep for about 6-8 hours. I have read from medical and health sites that we need to have an average of 8 hours sleep daily which I believe it really fair enough to the body.

Humans function better after a well rested sleep.i can personally testify to this.i know how dull and tired I get the next day when I didn't sleep well the previous night due to whatever reasons.So I will advocate that people take their night sleep serious we can't cheat nature,no amount of any other time of rest can take the time we have to rest at night.
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Believe me when I tell you that I know very well how important it is to have a good rest but situations are not allowing me to sleep well always. 

The only time I would have the opportunity to sleep well is when I would go on work vacation. Being a banker is not an easy job. 
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When it comes to sleeping, I love to have sufficient amount of it because it provides me the only opportunity to rest after a hectic and stressful day of work. Sleep for me, is something I don't play with. I can't trade it for anything in this world especially if It's something I considered inconsequential except that thing is important to me, even if it is, I would always strive to make sure I get it done before my resting period.

Ever since I learnt how vital sleeping is to one's health, I've promised myself I would never fall short in observing it below the recommended hours, which are 7-8 per night. Another thing I have realized is that, once I sleep well that's when I function well. If opposite is the case, I usually experience disorganized mental functioning to the point I can't concentrate.

That's why I can never compromise on having a sound sleep at night. Every other thing like watching tele, chatting, gaming, etc, can wait, but my sleep can't.
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I wish it's going to be possible for me to sleep at least 7 hours every day, I wouldn't have anything to complain about but it's not possible for me. 

Now, I have it as habit that my body does not shutdown quickly as I would not feel sleepy till 2 or 3 am and I will wake up by 6 am.
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It is obvious that you are not having enough sleep, which is not good for health. There is nothing like habit when it comes to sleeping. You just to find a way to be getting enough of it.

When I was in secondary, due to the forcing waking up by 4am in the hostel, this habit stuck with me even when I was done with secondary years. And it wasn't helping me anymore. What did I do?

I had to alter that old pattern by replacing it with new one. Whatever we feed our minds with that's what it will accept.
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I only sleep for 3 hours and that is the longest sleep I can even do to myself. As much as I want to have 6 hours of sleep, I can't. At present, I am having a sore throat and my cough is worst. I have dry cough and it started last Sunday. My voice even went into baritone and I was coughing all the time at work. Normally, I can sleep for 6 hours. That is not the long one because when weekend comes and I have no over time at work, I am sleeing for whole day. It starts at night and I will wake up at 12 in the afternoon. I can sleep for 12 hours. When I have having a double shift on my work before, I sleep for whole 24 hours during my day off. I can sleep long when I really want a rest, but I can't do it during the week days because I have a daytime job and I need to be awake.

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