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Usually it's 9 or 10, but it depends on the situation :)
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My sleeping time is not constant, it varies from time to time depending on how tired I am. When I am tired, I usually sleep even as early as 8:00pm. Other times I can stay away until 1:00am.
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I sleep at 2 in the morning because besides offline job, I have online job that I need to work on every night. I am always tired but I love the earnings.
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At the weekdays I sleep around 11 pm and at the weekends it s 2 am .
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I have two children so we usually go to bed as early as 8pm but sometimes around 9PM.
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I mostly go to bed by 12'O clock in the night. Before going to bed I read something.

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I usually sleep after 12 am. Since I was in high school, I had trained myself that way and till now, its become a trend. I read some article somewhere, that when you sleep late you tend to wake up earlier as well and have confirmed this to be true. Am that kind of a person who will go upto late night to finish a certain task but I cannot wake up in the morning to do the task.

I also read an article somewhere that those kind of people who read upto late night are always bright unlike those who wake up in the morning. I don't know how IQ is related to sleeping and waking up. What I know  that matters is the quality of sleep you get and the duration.
What matters is the duration you sleep. Six to eight hours in a day is a highly recommended time no matter what time you go to bed.
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I usually sleep at different hours at night because I never take a nap in the daytime. Sometimes I sleep at 10pm earliest or as late as 3am. Never earlier than that. After the day's work, the night time is usually the most soothing and relieving for me. It has the serene peace and quiet that I desire so most of the time I find myself lingering late into the night.
Some days I can stay awake until the morning time especially when I've got work or studies or something very important to do. The night time lets me concentrate very well. I end up converting my night into day and still do most of my daily activities in due time.
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I dont scheduled the perfect time to sleep. Thats not good thing but thats how i managed my life. When i was in school life i usually study at night, i found this time perfect for study, the silence i need for study time i found to be in night. And till now its my routine.
Its better to sleep earlier so you can awake early in the morning and most of the study has verified that its good for health and make you wiser and active. We should sleep atleast six hours for balanced brain condition for thqt you should sleep earlier and so you can awake earlier and manage your work on time but if you go for bed late there will be two possibilities, one you will not compete your sleeping time or you will be in hurry in morning to start your work day both are not the healthy ways to spend day.
Many of the study says that the night sleep is far more better than the day sleep, and also have mentioned the dissorders to not to sleep at night.
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I am a night person and I've always been one. I seem to function better at night and can't fall to sleep early. I normally sleep around 1 to 3 in the morning and wake up around 6 to 8. I don't seem to require a lot of sleep and this works out great for me in the end. I find out at night when everyone is sleeping the house is quiet and I can get a lot of work done.
At night it isn't only for working but also for enjoying myself. I love to sculpt in clay and sometime when I start a project, I just can't stop until it is done. I find out that I feel more energetic and creative in the evening hours than I do during the day. Staying up to sculpt a piece or to even paint a new canvas is fantastic. It makes you feel good when you are sitting there alone at night listening to the bugs and sounds of the evening hours. There is just something about this that gives you a calm feeling inside while the rest of the people around you sleep.
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I sleep very few hours. I go to bed between 12 midnight (but often later) and get up between 6-6.30 am. I always feel wide awake in the morning  and my body will wake me after 5-6 hours sleep, I never have to use an alarm and I have never overslept. When I was younger I used to sleep for 8 hours a night but I have heard it said that the body needs less sleep as you get older. I'm retired now so not using as much energy but even when I worked I never slept more than 6 hours,

I do however often wake in the night and have trouble dropping off again and I think it is sometimes due to taking a short nap in the day.. Eventually I get so tired that I will catch up and sleep without waking. It makes a real difference to the way I feel so I should resist the urge to fall asleep during the day.
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I am a night owl and like to work more at night when there is peace and tranquility around me. The silence and the stillness of the night helps me to concentrate on my work without any disturbance. Because of this, I like working late at night. I generally, go to bed by 11.00 or 11.30 PM at night. At the same time, there is no any fixed time for me to go to sleep. It all depends on my mood and tiredness. I do read a lot and like to read something before going to bed.

While going to bed, I decide to sleep for seven hours and set the clock in my mind to get at that stated fixed time and I get up at that time!. The reason is I am awake even when I sleep. Do not understand? It means even though I am asleep bodily, mentally, I am awake and thus able to get up in time.
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answered by LEGEND (6,078 points) 2 10 28
I sleep 2 in the morning, after I work on my online job. I am sleeping for less than 4 hours everyday because I need to wake up early in the morning for my offline office jobs. That is wrong. The normal sleeping time for adults should be 6 to 8 hours but I always fail to do it because I take advantage of the earnings online to have passive income.
Sometimes when I am really tired, I sleep first before working online. If I really can't work during the night, as I went home, i will only drop my bag and sleep immediately. My sleeping time varies monthly, depending on the schedule of working online. Remember, as we grow older, we need to sleep more for our organ needs to work for our body while we are sleeping. We will become ill and our skin will become dry if we sleep short time.
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I don't bargain when it comes to my sleeping time, I'm an early bird like that I hit the sack exactly 8 pm no matter the workload I need to accomplished that can wait still the next day.

I perform better the next day when I get to bed early,my system seems to shut down from 8pm because it will feels like punishment if I try to stay up later than that and I will be lying to myself if I believe I can do any reasonable thing from that time.

Going to bed early helps me think better,wakes up refreshed to face the day, boost my energy level and give me clear thoughts on any pending job or has always work like magic for me.
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My sleeping pattern is not a definite one. Normally, I sleep between 9:00 - 10:00 PM but that still depends on the activities I do or how tiring my day was. Although recently, I had trouble sleeping to which the usual 9:00-10:00 PM turned into 12:00 - 1:00 AM.

To add to that, I now consider myself a night owl, as I often like to do things late at night when everyone is already asleep - be it work or academic requirements. It kind of pose a lot of hassle though since I need to be awake very early to go to work. I also find it hard to wake up on time without  having to set my alarms in very little intervals.
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The best time for me to sleep at night is usually from 7 to 9pm. I like to retire to bed very early because it helps me to sleep well before the activities of the next day start. And since I am always tired from the day stressful activities, it is wise I get some ample rest once I am free at that time.

Although it is not always I go to bed that very early. There are times when I have to defy the rules by sleeping very late depending on what I have at hand at that moment. And instances like this are rare for me but it happens anyway maybe if it's champions league night or if had slept during the day.

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