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I wonder daily if this world would ever come to an end.Well as a Christian I'm told christ will return to judge the Earth before it's ends. What do you think. 
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I believe the scripture says true, the we will be judge before the world will end.
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According to religion and science, the world will come to an end.

I lean towards the belief that the world will not come to an end.People will die and people will be born.Its a natural cycle of life.

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I like to think that the answer to this question heavily relies on our individual beliefs, be it religion, science or whatever notion you have as to how the world started out in the first place.

From the perspective of religion, Isam and Christianity to be precise, the world will surely come to an end. Though their beliefs on how the world will end differs, they both talk about judgment day - which is life after the end of the world.

Science on the other hand from all it's theories also suggest that there will be an end of the world someday. Science has it that the universe was created after the big bang explosion some billions of years ago. It is believed that some of the oldest galaxies grew larger with time and simply evaporated out of existence. Milky way which contains our solar system and houses our known world happens to be one of the youngest galaxies known for now. So don't worry, we won't be evaporation anytime soon.

Some planets on the other hand were believe to have had some type of earth like environmemt untill rogue space elements bombarded them like the moon, thereby making them inhabitable. And there's also the discovery black holes, the space version of tornadoes, which is believed capable of swallowing an entire system or effecting the change of planetary movements that can lead to collision of one planet with another. Anyways you look at it, the world is bound to come to an end someday.

Let's even assume there was no God and also dismiss science, human hostility alone against each other is another reason why the world might come to an end. With the increasing wars going on and the development of more dangerous weapons like the nuclear and hydrogen bombs, it's only a matter of time before one psycho presses the button.
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So when the button is press will it be about killing people for the world to end or it going to be just war? Sometimes this things confuses me.
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I was referring to pressing the buttons that controls some other the world's most powerful weapons like the hydrogen bombs. 

Did you know that when America dropped the first Atomic bomb on Hiroshima during the WWII, an approximate hundred thousand plus people died instantly, hundreds of thousands followed in the coming days, weeks, months and even years due to it's chemical nature. Another bomb of the same nature was dropped again before Japan surrendered. 

Today, we have weapons that are a thousand times stronger and more effective than the Atomic bomb dropped in hiroshima. Now, imagine thousands of such bombs sent to different parts of the world. What will that lead to? 
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Oh well understood now I can imagine scores of people dying and maybe everything needs in ruins then this will really be painful death.i hope I will die as peaceful as possible.
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The world is not infinite and I believe that sooner or later, the world will come to an end but nobody really knows when exactly. Different religions have put forward how the world will come to an end. I think at a point, the one thing that remains common among the different religions is that the world will eventually come to an end.

Even by logically looking at the situation, the world's population is increasing exponentially. Land mass isn't increasing, environmental and biological resources aren't increasing but rather depleting. It is only a matter of time before the world can hold no longer.

However, there have been theories to counter that. Some have said that man is a resource on his own and has the ability to create solution to existing problems. Also, nature creates a balance in terms of birthrate to death rate ratio, natural disasters etc.
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Just reasoning from your point of view,the world might come to an end when the Earth no longer holds. I'm really wondering how this will span out. 
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In my own opinion I also believe that the world will end someday and many factors proves it to be so. The existence of nature never came to being by accident and by so it won't end by accident. It will surely be decided by God at his will and desires. The both books of the two most popular religion proves that the world will end some say and every living will be judged afterwardafterward. Nobody will ever go unpunished and repercussions begins from here.

The world will come to an end and its proven from the fact that a lot of prophecies shows or has proved that the world will end someday since other prophecies have never proven to be false. Every beggububg definitely has an ending. So it i important to always trade withh absolute caution
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As a Christian I believe same too but we can't be too sure our faith might help us pull through this idea and try to do good to make heaven before the world ends. 
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Yes! The world it's going to end someday. Anything has a  beginning would definitely have an end. Same is applicable to everything on earth and the world itself it is not left out. Although it might seems the world is not going to end, but the surge in calamitious happenings show that the world is gradually coming to an end. If you're observant enough, you would notice that there are so many ills going on in the world.

People are now lovers of themselves and money more than their fellow human beings. Parents are now going against their own children through atrocious act like rape. And the children are also doing same such as using their parents for money rituals. All these are signs of end time, which many are ignorant of due to spiritual indolence.

The Bible was very unambigous about the end time, and these tell-tale signs we are witnessing now are there for us all to discern that the time is already around the corner.
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Well stated but I'm tempted to ask about the tell tale signs. What are those signs you're referring to, let compare it to the happenings of years past. 
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