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Did you ever come across International Criminals/Mafia? What views do you have about them? What experience did you have with them? Did you ever try to fight against them anywhere anyhow? Did they get after you or any of your known ones anywhere at any point in time? What resolution can you suggest against them, if they get after anyone? 

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So far I didn't come to encounter a criminal or a mafia. I have different views about criminals and mafia. For the criminals, I considered them as small-time villains, their activities are just as small as stealing, robbery, hold-up and any generic crimes that are available for them and that is all they can do that's why I think they are just small fry. While when we talk about Mafia you can never get relaxed whenever you've got involved with their works or activities. This group is very powerful and we can even find them in the politics. The mafia does not do some generic small crimes, they are looking for some even big fish or big money as the police said. This group is not afraid to do everything and anything they want, that's how powerful they are because they can do it at will.
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Yes, you are right. I know it, but I am trying to win against them, no matter what it takes
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Huh? what do you mean? Do you have an affair with the mafia? did you get involved with them??
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NO. One gay guy from my street got after me, and has been using Political-Criminal mafia against me
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Really? That's a very cowardly act. Don't let that gay guy do what he wants to you. Just be careful bro! your situation is not a laughing matter.
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by the way, did you already reported that to the police? They may help you somehow.
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I live in New Zealand and my partner knows about them but, not a member. I just saw group of them riding bicycle, and my partner pointed out the name of the gang, and what they doing. And I asked my partner, why do police didn't arrest them for doing such thing if they are known for doing it. In the back of my mind ai was thinking that if criminals can walk like a king, why there is policemen then? It's sad that these group of people don't do any good in the society. I am not against any gang not unless they are criminals and affecting innocent lives.Once you become one of them, it is really hard to get out. As if you a member you are dealing with every member and the leader. I suggest all men and women to avoid joining or else you might regret it.
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Well, when it comes to having an encounter with an international criminal or a mafia, I don't think that I would ever have the opportunity to experience such because of the part of the world where I'm living at the moment. I'm living in the eastern part of Nigeria which is one of the most peaceful and quiet part of the country. Nigeria is divided into the northern, southern, western and eastern parts. I have already mentioned that I reside in the eastern part of the country. There is nothing like international criminals operating here.

But if it happens to be in the northern part of Nigeria that I'm staying, there would be an increased possibility of running into an international criminal or a mafia. Boko haram terrorist groups base in the northern part of the country.

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