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I know alot of legal and illegal partners get a D&C for the mere reason that they have no financial muscles to cater for a child.So they wouldn't bring in a child to suffer.Can this singular reason be good enough?
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Personally, I'm 100% against pregnancy abortion. If you know that you are not ready to be a parent, use protection when having sexual intercourse and spare the unborn baby the wickedness of abortion.
Simple I believe every one should follow this and spare the killing of the innocent kids.Condom to the rescue here.
I am 100% to say that I don't really agree with abortion. Why having unprotected sex if ypu don't want to get pregnant yet. People should be responsible in their decisions. I feel pitty for those innocent babys and unborn child. 
It really unfair to those babies and I think there should be a law in place to mitigate aganist child's abandonment. 
In the Philippines we have law against abortion and anyone proven for doing will be imprison and will pay certain amounts.

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I don't think that it is right to get rid of a baby whatever the case may be. I know that sometimes, the circumstances or the situation might seem really tough and abortion may seem like the only best option but it still doesn't make it right. For example; like in rape cases or when couples know that they do not have the means to cater for that child at the moment.
This is why people who are pro life for abortion always consider the life of the fetus first before any other thing unlike people who are pro choice for abortion. Those set of people feel like it is the choice of the woman to decide whether or not she wants to keep the baby regardless of whether she chooses abortion or not.
However the case may seem, what is wrong is wrong whether or not you make it a choice or a law. It is best to practice preventive measures rather than having to abort.
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I totally agree with you instead committng double sin fornication and topping it up with sin of abortion it better use safety measures than killing. 
I agree, but there are people who have no soul still doing such sin.
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It is actually very bad and a sadden things or act by people to get rid if a child or pregnancy just for flimsy reasons. So actually do it to bury shame of unwanted pregnancy. But, whatever the reason is, as much as its not health related, then its not reasonable.

Imagine a lady who became pregnant for her boyfriend and the boyfriend ran away and he never took responsibility, this forced the lady to pas through a lot. So she vowed to give the child a better parenting. She decided to further her education. So after many years , the man that ran away got into big trouble Thales to his arrest. . he was charged to courtcourt, as fate will have it. His son is the judge. He didn't know, the mother to the boy only saw the case file with her son at home. When she ask the son few questions, she got to know that he's about to sentence his father to death.She then requested to see the man. The man was sad for not taking responsibility then. And the man was giving light punishment instead if death.
Now see, if she had followed what her boy friend said long years ago to abort the child. She won't have privileges to be the mother if à judge not to talk of saving the father from death.
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That's was awesome but also sad.Thats was really a great woman even with all she went through still wanted the man to live.Thats true forgiveness.
That is really sad, hoping those people who did the biggest son will realized what they gave done and won't do it again. 
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With whatever reason anybody may consider logical for terminating the life of an innocent baby through abortion is not just right before our God. Every life is precious and for that reason every life matters, be it young or old, black or white, male or female. The time has come we humans should start valuing the lives of those we are blessed with, but unfortunately, the reverse is the case, as people commit all forms of atrocities with impunity.
Honestly, there is no justification for the act of abortion. If you know you are not ready to conceive don't even engage in sexual intercourse. Or better still, you can make use of any type of contraceptive procedures out there. It would be more godly if we all recognize that life is sacred by discouraging abortion.
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Definitely life is sacred and as such we shouldn't kill any.What we can't create I don't think we should kill no matter the reasons for thinking or doing so. 
Perfectly true, in the eyes of God it's a big sin to act and without forgivrness. Some beliefs says you already burned your soul in hell once you aborted the baby.
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Obviously the singular reason is not enough because God in his infinity Mercy prohit sexual intercourse before marriage,  you will notice the act of unnecessary abortionis mostly practiced by young guys and ladies who are never ready to get married to each other and not ready to settle down.
The world we find ourselves today it is very difficult for people keep them selfselves in a zip up state before marriage,  it is better to always have protected sexual intimacy since it is usually meant for pleasure and not for child bearing because abortion is very dangerous to woman's life, Ir either lead to loss of life and causes permanent damage to the lady's internal organs.
It is a great sin before God to abort innocent child because there is no money to take care of the child after all only God provide money for up keep.
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I agree kids are gifts from God and as such they shouldn't be rejected or aborted. In case of this protection should be used. 
Parents can control their kids at homebut can't control ir monitor outside homes, that is the readon why lot of teenagers getting pregnant and do the abortion. If we only can prevented it from happening, but we cannot control everything.
If a child has very good orientation about sex and it implications, it will be very difficult for such child to get pregnant at a very young age. 
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If I understand the subject matter of this question, it's centered on aborting an unwanted pregnancies or unplanned pregnancy. Now, there is a divided opinions on whether pregnancy abortion is right or wrong and I'm sure that arguments and debate will keep going on till the end of time.

There some part of the world that completely accepted and made pregnancy abortion to be something legitimate. Under this law, anyone both married and single people in a relationship can easily walk into any hospital of their choice and have their pregnancy aborted without any legal fear or consequences.

But on the other hand, there are still some part of the world where abortion is considered as a horrible sin against man and against God. If you ain't ready to have a child, use protection when having sex and prevent unwanted pregnancies and stop killing innocent unborn children.
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Well somethings shouldn't be about what the law said but what is truly right or wrong. I believe abortion is killing and it is wrong to any length. 
I also agree with you on this about abortion being an evil act. If one knows he or she ain't ready for a baby, they should use protection when having sex and save the poor child the horrors of abortion. 
That's just the right thing to do. Take a protective measures  to avoid pregnancy. It morally wrong to abort a child. 
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