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Can you please let me know the names of the sites you want to use to call free of charge. You can use messenger sites for example Facebook, WhatsApp etc. to make a free online service. If you have an Internet connection. Please add a few details below to your question. There are so many websites that are providing this feature. I like telegraph one of my favourite.
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Today you have many options to use for making free calls online. However, some of these options will require the person you're calling to have an account. A Skype to Skype call is free of charge. As long as both parties have a Skype account.

You can also use Messenger to make free calls online. This too requires that you both have a messenger account. Both parties must be online at the same time in order to make the call.

If you have Facetime on an iOS device you can always use this to call a person in your contact list as long as they have an iOS device.

There is an app called What's App that allows members of this app to call one another for free. Again, both parties must be on the line at the same time in order to make it work and you both must have an account.

Facebook also offers free FB calling as long as both people are online at the same time. Basically, any website or service that offers free calling will require that the person you're calling have an account and be online for the call to connect.
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how can you make free unlimited calls on the website by going to facebook messenger website or you can use the application to make calls as long as you both using the same application.

just in cass that you want to call international phone line you can use the ievaphone

ievaphone offer free calls for a new registered user and you can add credit to your ievaphone account if you are out of credit but its much more cheaper than the other app.

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