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Now there are many websites and mobile apps for betting in cricket , soccer etc. Which country has the most users in these betting games?

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Basically so many countries participate in sports betting. They have legal and illegal gaming sites where people can go to place their bets. The mafia will run most of these illegal betting sites. They give credit to people who place their bets on the site and when they can't pay they send people after them. This still happens today and not just in moving. Betting and gambling have been around for centuries and it is one of the easiest ways to get in dept or actually make money.

In Latin American counties such as Mexico, they do a lot of betting on sports. I do believe this country is top on the list for sports betting. You should also take into consideration betting on horse races, dog races, motor cross and other sports like rally car racing and things like this.
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Potential Latin American businesses, a region where soccer is revered, are being watched by international companies as a vast space where everything is yet to be done. The regulations already in place and those being prepared show a huge trade full of opportunities. In Brazil, where the game's release is around the page, the most conservative estimates calculate a sports betting market that comes close to 3 billion reais. Although there is no regulation, there is already a considerable amount of web pages and tutorials in Portuguese intended to teach the benefits of betting to the Brazilian public, motivating them to play. Companies aim to exploit a market that has not yet shown its true power.

Sports betting and its impact on the social economy has resulted in the finding that regulated markets benefit more than those where such bets are prohibited or outside the law. In this way, the ban on sports betting in the United States, which is being debated today, has raised the industry in Europe, with the United Kingdom as the market leader. Something similar may occur in Latin America, with some countries having legal gaming and online gambling and others where governments are not determined to release it.
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As far as I heard and read, the country that is most engaged in betting game is Mexico. Mexico, is one of the populated country in South America. Most of the people there are part of middle class family which means there are 50/50 percent of possibility that people are jobless. Jobless people tend to make money in easy way, like betting on sports like soccer or basketball.

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