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If I have a movie download site then which countries should I target the most?

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If you are looking to target countries for a torrent download site, I'd have to say it would be US top of the list and UK next. However, you'll need to take into consideration how many countries can't afford to pay for going to the movies or even buying a movie in the store to watch at home. Even in some countries, movie rentals are quite high. People can't afford to invest in buying or joining a streaming site to watch films. So they resort to downloading torrent films to watch at home. In a torrent site for movies, it is best to have movies with different languages and or subtitles so you can attract more visitors to your site. In most cases, torrent sites target everyone, because there are so many people who are interested in downloading movies for free.
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As I know torrents downloading is prohibited in countries like USA and UK. People from those countries are using a VPN for p2p sites. In countries like Luxemburg or Ukraine torrents are not prohibited. If you are going to create movies download site you need to consider where to host it first because it can be closed very quickly. 

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I guess, you are using VPN that is why you are asking for the best country to actually hack the access for movie download. Mostly, USA and Uk are best country to get your dreamed movies that are not yet being shown in your country or even in my country. Next to that, is Singapore and Italy that have one of the very fast downloading speed in the world.
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If you would like to provide a website with movies:

One of the countries that LOVE to download or stream free stuff on the web is Brazil (and other south american countries such as Colombia and Argentina).

As movies and other media content are expensive in Brazil (a single movie can cost hundreds of reais while the minimum wage is of only 1000 reais). People resort to free downloads and all sorts of "websites" to get content. They really do not care about has a reason though.

So if you add movies and content with brazilian portuguese subs millions will stream it in Brazil, that is for sure.

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