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I don't have exactly a point of view how to stop teens from pregnancy not unless, parents should be responsible teaching and scolding their children and educate them about having a family at early stage. When temptations come around at young age, it's easy for them to be tempted, since young are more aggressive and impulsive. Should school educate too the young student, yes perhaps, but every teenager has their own choices and perspective. They are responsible themselves by their own decisions. And no matter what the outcome it will be, they will earn from it,I think we all learn form our mistakes. I grow up being scared of getting pregnant because I have dream to achieve, that is why I don't have any relationship when I was studying.  And I  am happy with my decision.
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Maybe teens completely staying away from sex could be the way forward I just hope they realize this now.
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Honestly, the only way we can arrest the issue of teenage pregnancy is by deploying holistic approach in tackling the menace revaging the lives of teenage girls. It is also apolly that little or nothing is been done in preventing it. Those in authority has completely turned blind eyes against the issue perhaps, they are also practicing the act of sleeping with teenagers and getting them pregnant.

The first point of call when it comes to stopping teenage pregnancy is from the family front. Parents of nowadays are too weak in instilling discipline and the right values in their daughters. Some even go as far in encouraging them to go make money with what they have. If really this issue needs to be nip in the bud, parents have a lot to do in ensuring that their daughters have proper home training.

In addition to parental upbringing, those in power should come up with legislation to prevent early child marriage. Sadly, there are some society encouraging teenage pregnancy through their laws of allowing teenage marriages. Not until something pragmatic is done by those in power, the efforts in trying to stop teenage pregnancy would end up only in futility.
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Yea parent alot to do to help stop this.Home training should be the first step.Some parents especially the mother's are so busy chasing money and leaving their primary duties to their kids.
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Teenage pregnancies have become very rampant, and who is to be blamed for it happening, is it the parents, guardians or teachers i will let you be the judge of that. I feel sad when i see a young girl as young as 12 years carrying a pregnancy. It really breaks my heart, and i often ask myself a question who is to take the blame? Anyway schools are here to educate us for one reason or another most of all it's to equip us with knowledge so that we are responsible in our lives. It is in this institutions where sex education should be talked about. Let people not shy away from speaking about it, it is for good course. Kids as young as 8 years are able to understand this things when they are taught, so if we as the grown ups empower them with information about sex and the consequences, there will be a drop in early pregnancies. Tell them about the dangers of engaging in sex early, and this should be as open as a book, do not hold back because when you do that they get curious and the next thing you know something has already happened. Parents should also take time to monitor what their kids are reading and watching, make yourselves available when they need someone to talk to. This will not only prevent pregnancy but also stop it in young girls and boys.
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This has been a very big issue in the third world countries. You find a 12 years old girl giving birth. Giving birth at such an early stage is very risky especially when giving birth because the internal parts are not yet fully matured to carry the baby. 

The best way we van help in reducing these cases is by talking to our girls. Mentorship helps so much and I can testify to this. This should be done as early as possible maybe when the kids are about 10 years of age. 

There's been some discussion regarding family planning for younger girls. These people were saying that once your kid is 16 years of age, she should be introduced family planning. I don't think whether this is a good idea or not. Personally, I cannot buy this whole thing of family planning because it motivates abuse of sex by young girls.
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