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Normally, it's three passengers at the back seat and one in the front seat that most people carry in their cars but I have seen where 4 people are in the back seat and 2 in the front. 

This is called overload in my opinion. 

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I always want to be at the right side of the law so I do the right thing by carrying the right amount of people per time especially in the front seat.So I always go with the 3 at the back and 1 in front ratio and I think the arrangements is just the best.In my country it an offense to carry overload like what you just described above,with such an arrangement one will be asking for issues with either the police or the Federal road safety corps,so to avoid all the stress of that it's better one just do what is right.

But normally driving the appropriate number of persons is for our own good,it's first and foremost for our safety and security,it always wrong to give the vehicle more weight than it is necessary,the manufacturer knew the normal weight the car can carry per time correctly for safety and as such this must be strictly followed.
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Yes it is illegal to overload your car and considered dangerous. In the UK we must only have one person per seat. When I was a teenager many years ago I was in a car accident. There were too many people in the back and I was sitting on my then boyfriends lap in the front passenger seat in a softtop VW when we crashed and rolled several times. We were all okay and lucky to be alive but strangely enough the police told us we probably survived because we were so tightly packed together. Being overcrowded had helped us survive. I would not generally recommend it though.
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