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Why? what happened? is there something wrong with and your parents? if you have you some trouble or burden you can always talk to me or anyone of us here. We will be glad to hear your problems and let us solve it together.
It is not a hard thing to discern. Since they are your parents, it won't be difficult for you to know if you have ruined your relationship with them. Through their actions and behaviors you can tell. Basically, body language would give them away, from there you can soul search yourself to be able to ascertain what you have done wrong that has strained your relationship with them.

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In relationships, they can be complicated and especially with your family and their family. At first, it is wonderful and you love his/her parents. You try your best to build a good relationship with his/her family. But one day something happens and you've said the wrong thing. This could be to your partner or to their parents. The change doesn't show up right away, but over time, you'll notice a difference. This could be in the way they greet you, talk with you, or even drop by for family get-togethers. By this time you'll realize that they are not the same as before. There seems to be a tension in the room when you are all together, they are short with their answers back to you, or they give you a funny stare when you say something. You also might notice that when you walk in the door and his/her family is there, they will find an excuse to get up and leave. Even if you invite them to say for dinner, they will have a reason to go home or they have other plans.

This is when you know something has changed and you've ruined your relationship with their parents. This will take time to fix and to try and mend these problems. In some families, this is almost impossible.

This is just one example of how you can tell if you've ruined the relationship with your in-laws.

As for your own family, this is a bit easier to tell. You grew up with your parents and understand them. But as you grow older and find your freedom, you change, but they don't. You will start to do your own thing, you'll no longer want to be there for family gatherings, you'll find a reason to skip out or not show up for family dinner. Over time, you'll see a change in your parents. They will start to nag you, they'll keep throwing the facts in your face how you no longer show up for dinner, want to spend time as a family unit, and why do you always have to run out the door to be with this friend or that.

This is the time that you can tell that your relationship has changed with your parents. Instead of asking you if you'll be home for dinner, they will say "see you when you get back". They will no longer plan for you to be at dinner, attend family functions and will go on without you. By this time it is hard and a bit late. You'll start to feel left out when your family walks out the door and doesn't bother to tell you where they are going or even ask you to join them. At this time you'll realize that you've ruined your relationship with your family and now you need to do something to mend these problems. It is never too late. But you will need to realize that it will take time to mend the problems and to have your parent's respect again.
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No, at first you don't because all we know as teenagers is to make ourselves happy without even checking the feelings of the people around us. Based in my own story, I was a very easy -go lucky girl until I reached college.  As long as I am happy with what I do, like hanging out with friends, doping, drinking, coming home very late at night and taking dad's money without permission. I realized all my mistakes just when I already have my own kids. I realized, how I ruined,  not just my parents' relationship but the my whole family. What I learned from it was, I can't never turn back time and I will never correct my own mistakes. That I could have cherished my family while I have a chance. I learned that I should tell to young people like me , not to waste time doing things they like but to do things that is right. It's not too late for you friend.
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Real parents in the truest sense of the word provide definition to the meaning of "pure love". Their love for their child is so noble and great that even though they get hurt by the words and actions of their children, it's not easily destroyed or ruined as you might think. Yes, their children might have disappointed them but when they ask for forgiveness from their parents, a true parent has the capacity to accept the shortcomings of their children because of their overwhelming love for them.

I would like to emphasize the word "true parents" because there are parents out there who even lead their children to harm and they're truly an exemption from these, they don't even deserve to be even called as parents for that matter.

So if you're currently in a situation that you think your parents are not too happy with you lately, just let them know you're sorry and make an effort to show them that you really love and care for them. I'm confident that your parents will forgive you because their love for you knows no bounds. I really believe and I'm living proof that when children honor their parents, they're really blessed in life. I know because I'm truly grateful with the family that I have right now and for me, family is the most important thing in my life. Hope this helps! =)
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First, you'll realise that they're not in moods talking to you.If you used to crack jokes with them you'll realise all over sudden that the mood has changed and none of them is talking to you.

Also,the favours that they used to give you all over sudden stop and whenever you ask why they might keep quite or give you an answer that you'd never expected.

Finally, if you were close to each other and maybe consulting them whenever you had a burning issue, that will stop.Whenever you want to ask them something things will change and they'll act as I'd they're avoiding you.That's when you will realise something isn't good.
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It depends on the fellow friend. if you ruined your family it means that you are the headaches of them. And if you don't ruin your family it means you love your family.sometimes we are human to do bad things and we realize and ask forgiveness of our sin.we are not all perfect but we can be matured and understand each situation
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A good relationship with your parents is very vital and I will recommend any child to ensure you maintain good relationship with your parents since parent's blessings are very important. But sometimes you may differ with your parents over petty things but that should not be the reason for that situation to be permanent.  If there is one thing that disappoints any responsible parent so much is to see their kids loosing their ways. This includes engaging in drugs, crimes, premature sex, being rude amoung others. If you are doing any of the above mentioned things you are obviously in a very poor relationship with your parents.
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