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Technology has made it possible to have both softcopy of books and compliment it with the already existing hardcopy.

Which one do you think is better?

Which one is your favorite? 

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I would still go to soft copy and at the same time having a hard copy . I like to save stuff that is not very heavy to bring especially when we keep moving place. And now we planing to have a big move to a different country, yeah i would like to have some soft copy instead of hard copy.
I do have lots of movie that saves on my hard drive, I like to have a copy the movies I like to watch over and over again. I am not a fan of reading books actually, I'd rather watch movie than reading a book. I don't know but, it never gave me interest at it, not at least I am reading children's book. I like reading books when I was in schools, that also requires a student to read their subjects. And that's the reason why I stop reading after I graduated. Now I am thinking to find some interest so I would read a whole book not just a page that I am looking at too or searching for something.
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I'm more into soft copy now though I used to like hard copy before now but it seem soft copy is really convenient for use and to easily stored away now.

Soft copy is easily accessible, you just have to have an internet enabled phone and getting any file or document from online is sure.
Soft copy can easily be stored and retrieving it wouldn't be much of a problem and this soft copy can be stored for a very long time without it getting lost for a very long time.
Again if the stored soft copy get corrupted due to a virus or malware on our system, it just one going online again to download it unlike hard copy that sometimes it becomes difficult to find such book again.
Soft copy books are alot cheaper to have or acquire unlike hard copy that's expensive.

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