I happen to notice that the sun is getting hotter by the day. It's not the way it was hot in the past years that it is at the moment which makes me wonder what could be wrong.

What do you think could be the cause of this new development? 
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Solar activity changes throughout the year. Ironically the Earth is closer to the sun in winters than summers. This is explained by the direction of the Sun's rays. In the summer time the rays from the Sun are more direct than in the winter. The Earth's average distance from the Sun has not significantly changed in eons or now. A variant temperature of 1.6 degrees has been reported in the last 150. Meaning the Earth's average temperature has increased during this time. The inexact methodology of temperature measurement prior to satellites makes me highly skeptically that pre 1970 world-wide temperatures are accurate. People have perceived the world is becoming warmer, yet the evidence is not there. When analyzing planetary temperatures many factors come into play, Global atmospheric pollution potentially can trap heat in our atmosphere and on terra firma. We are nowhere near the concentrated atmosphere Venus has with an average surface temperature approaching 870 degrees. With all that stated your perception of increasing air temperatures is shared by many, yet science has not found a basis for it. Thank you for allowing me to answer your question.
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I notice it too day by day and I hate going out if it's too hot.Too hot can damage our system, it's like you are burning under the sun. Too much sun exposure can damage our skin and even our eye, it can also cause dehydration. It too hot now because it's climate change rapidly. We, as a human the one who causing it. There are many organizations around the world working to find a solution how to stop this too much heat. I even read about that there are some certain companies working on the artificial barriers to protect or to stop the heat. I would not say too much about it because it still studying and trying to figure out how it's gonna work and would the government fund for it. Here in New Zealand the heat is too hot like a fire near you,  this is mainly because there is no barrier at the atmosphere to protect our planet.
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There is something that is very important when we are talking about the changes that we always have in weather. The thing that I have always enjoyed is that there is something that we should always look at and that is what we know as global warming. The way that we have been doing when we think of our environment is something that we should always try to make adjustments.

Each time that I listen to the radio, there is always that news that people should not be burning the bush, however, people will always do it and this is the issue that we are having since people don't protect the environment. Also, the thing that we have is that there are people that are always cutting trees and all that. So, if we have that change of mindsets about how we handle the environment, then things will be better.
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It's very possible that the activities happening in the world are making the sun get hotter than the way it's used to be. 

Pollution is a very big problem in the world today. We need to be very careful about how we pollute the environment. 
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Human activities on earth such as mining, deforestation, emission of poisonous gases into the atmosphere has destroyed the ozone layer which serves as a cushion against the damaging sun rays. This has led to the sun's heat being felt on earth. 
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The sun-intense pressure creates heat at temperatures that are around 15 million degrees. The sun's surface is about 6,000 kelvin which is 10, 340 degrees Fahrenheit. The solar amount of heat and light is enough to light up Earth's day and keep our planet warm enough to support life.
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As I see it, it is because of the cause of 'global warming.' This is one of the reasons why it is too hot during the daytime. I am sure it is also because of the country's location in this world.
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