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To answer this question one must have an insight into the myriad aspects of spaceflight and its potential dangers. This includes but is not limited to the extreme radiation astronauts will face as they enter deep space. 

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That is really an interesting question.I was wondering about it too,so I have made a little research about it online, and I found out,that a mission to Mars is rather a complex one,than anyone can imagine.The technology development plays an important role in it,and we have not achieved the level yet to send humans to the Mars.There is still not available a spacecraft large enough to hold humans and to transport them to the Mars.There are several impediments for humans to land on the Mars:the atmosphere is very thin,there is not a vehicle to lift off humans from the Mars,so it may take a long time till we have a developed technology to realize this dream.It is a dream for many astronauts, to conquer the Mars too and become part of other legendary astronauts, like:Neil Armstrong,Buzz Aldrin etc.
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As of right now, we do not have the technology to send a person to Mars and they can not survive the long trip. They can only send unmanned spaceship there right now and try to explore the planet. One day they may find a way for a person to make this trip. But in doing so they will need to figure out how they can sleep for a great deal of the trip because the ship can not hold enough food or oxygen to keep them alive during the trip. 

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