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There are many question answer websites. My preference is ease of use, beautiful and fast design, plus some kind of earnings.

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answered by VISIONARY (9,071 points) 5 21 51
One of the top-rated Questions and Answer sites is Just Answer. This site has been around for a number of years and will only hire professionals in their field. In order to work for this site, you'll either need to supply your degree or your certificates. Many students who just finished law school and have passed the bar work on this site to earn extra money. This is one of the top paying questions and answers sites online. People go there seeking professional help. When you look at the site, it is possible to find out an estimate of how much you can earn for the questions you answer.

As for other questions and answers sites like Help Owl, Weegy, and Marven to name a few their pay rates are rather low and it takes longer to earn on these sites. I think Weggy is no longer paying people to answer questions. I know one or two paid to answer questions sites has stopped paying people to work for them now.

Answeree is an excellent site to work on and it has a great community of people. The pay rate on this site is quite nice and they actually pay you for likes or what they call thanks on this site. Other sites won't do this.
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answered by LEGEND (6,404 points) 6 13 36

So far I can say answered is the best because it doesn't require much for one to join the site.Also have worked on weegy andvi can recommend, you can easily earn $20 within 15 days,but its very strict in need,they don't support plagiarism and you must follow their posting rules otherwise you'll be banned in that site.

Just answer is also a good site but the problem is that they require professions and you must submit your papers to show that you qualify to be a counselor.
Some other sites I know include 1Q,help owl, maven and KGB. These aren't opened worldwide but to some specific locations.
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answered by LEGEND (6,086 points) 3 27 50
I know something like KGB. It is done by professionals. You need to be train before starting the job. This is really a job. A job that will pay you a living. Answeree is another site that I can recommend because you don't have to be good in English, just the type of thing that your English will be understood by some. I am not that good in English that is why I am liking this site. Another is Just Answer. This has been around for quite sometime now, however, I am not sure if you are earning from it. Sorry for the poor knowledge. There are Weegy too. It has a good review before but I am not sure what the site has to offer from their members because I haven't tried the site. There are people who worked on the site that I know, but sadly they didn't end up paying because they discontinue.
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How good is the website KGB? Is it somehow related to this site Answeree? What's the earning scheme of the site as well? I'd like to know more about it, and if it's super interesting to work on, I'm very open to trying it out as well. 
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answered by ELITE (3,008 points) 4 13 28
I understand that Answeree is still growing as a website, but I would say that I have been impressed with the way that they are working which means that I rate them higher as one of the best question and answer site that we have out there. The thing with working on this site is simply because the website owner is always available to tackle any form of issues that you are having and whenever that there is a section of the website that you are not really okay with, they will also clarify you on that.

I believe that the place that most websites are having issues is when they are not always there for their website and this is something that the owners of Answeree has really worked to ensure that they eradicate. Another thing is the awesome changes that they keep bringing on the site makes it a nice place to be when you are looking for answers to your questions.
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answered by ELITE (3,094 points) 3 6 14
To the best of my knowledge, the best among all is answeree. It won the best among all in my rating because it is easy and has alotvif encouraging features with soundsound, familier and direct life changing topics. It doesn't give restrictions yto type of question, what natters is the question and idea of the answerer.
The site has a beautiful auto save feature that allow the user to continue his/she already started article. The directly familiar ttopics makes it easy to write at least minimum of 120 words with even beyond the minimum required 600 character. Without threat to each other's participation.

I think the main thing that is helping the site is not encouraging referral and putting little point for raising post.

Once you raise a topic on the site, you earn 1 point for that and once you write a reply to a post, you will equally earn 1point. . but if it is a reply, of 120 words and 600 character above, you will earn 10point for that. At the endend, the minimum cash out is $30.
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answered by ELITE (3,548 points) 4 24 87
There are so many questions and answer website that are online but I haven't had the privilege of working in any of these website until I was introduced to this wonderful question and answer website called answeree. At first, I didn't know much about how the website operates but as it's already a question and answer website, I took the liberty of asking all the members already existing on the website right before I joined and I was so surprised to all the kind of different but useful answers I got within 24 hours of asking several questions.

Getting to see that the website is also earning enabled which means that you will be able to earn money through participating in questioning and answering questions, it was a good upgrade on the site but I must admit that the site still needs to upgrade its design, page color and speed of connection.

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