Thinking of changing my hdd but I dont know how to install OS in new hdd?
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There is a couple of things you have to think about before installing a new OS on a disc (HDD).

First, check if the HDD is empty and doesnt contain any important information that you wanna save/take backup on before installing a new OS on it.

Second, you need to have a installation package(usually a iso-file) that you will need to use to install the new OS.

Third, Make a USB.flashdrive or CD bootable with the installation package(iso-files) and use it to boot up before booting windows.

If you havent done it before, i recommend using some guides on the internet before installing a new OS, since it is some important things to think about before.
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If you buy a new OS it installs itself. If you already have an OS on your old drive, the new drive usually contains software to clone it. I suggest you go to youtube and search the brand name of your new drive to see if there are instructions. If the new OS is Linux, you download a .iso file and then go to to get a program that makes a bootable thumb drive, and that is what you run to install Linux on your hard drive. You could also burn a DVD and use that instead of the thumb drive.
Macrium is another program for managing drives.
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