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I want to buy a new laptop for my office purposes, and I got an offer from a company that has fitted with 32gb SSD and 500gb HDD hard disc (almost the same price). Which one I should select. I am in a big confusion.Any suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated.
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HDD hard disc is more suitable for your pc beacuse on SSD drive if you delete the data it is impossible to find.

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Like a memory stick, there are no moving parts to an SSD. Rather, information is stored in microchips. Conversely, a hard disk drive uses a mechanical arm with a read/write head to move around and read information from the right location on a storage platter. This difference is what makes SSD so much faster.
Either of work for you.
if you are performing analytics task go with SSD

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Today many manufacturers are moving away from the older hard drive to the newer technology of SSD. This is fantastic until you realize how an SSD drive actually works. It is true you have no moving platter or heads in the drive and all the information is stored on the memory chips. What people don't realize is this, on a hard drive if you delete a file it is still stored on the drive. There is a backup copy of the file. To be exact there are 4 copies of each file, depending on the file. Therefore, if you delete a document by accident chances are you can get this back rather easily if you haven't overwritten the file. Normally this will take a bit of time to overwrite the file on the disk space. When a file has been deleted the sectors on the disk the file occupied is now changed from used to open. That means that any other file you store on the drive can now occupy this space. 

Now on an SSD drive if you delete the document it is virtually impossible to find it again. The disk handles document deletion differently and it will move this off the available space on your drive to an area that will wipe it clean and free up the sectors it occupied. In this case, your document is gone forever unless you have made a backup copy of this. 

If anything happens to the drive it is much more complicated to find your data on the drive and recover your information. This can be done but the process is rather expensive because you will need to rebuild all the memory chips after you dump each chip to a file. This can take twice as long to recover your lost data. 

As a storage media, this is fantastic and it is good to have an SSD in your laptop. This way if the laptop has a problem chances are you won't damage your drive and destroy your information. I have used both storage media and I still prefer the hard disk to the SSD. 

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