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Social media sites are very popular when it comes to using them for marketing business products and services. 

Do you think that Twitter is good enough to be used for products and services promotion or marketing? 

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We use social media for promoting our products and service,I may say Twitter is not enough not unless you have thousands of followers and re-tweet it and buy the service or products. As well,it depends also of what are you promoting with. You can post in any social available for your products or services you want to offer, the more the merrier. I rarely use twitter because only few friends I have there who followed me and there is not interesting for me in twitter actually. I know twitter is where most billions people is but,I don't get it.

Promoting your product its should be limitless and it also depends who is your customer target, and what are you promoting. There is a lot of marketing being introduce in the market nowadays but not all product is foreveyone.there must be specif target customers.
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Yeah, it is always necessary for us to have a lot of followers on Twitter before we can make use of it in doing some tweets. This is something that is important for us to know. 
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Definitely it will be a good place to promote and advertise ones product and sales. I alwsys believe that all social media platforms are great place when it comes to promotion and sales of products or services. After Facebook with about 2 billion people I think the next platform with good number of people is Twitter. Twitter has been designed in a way that it very easy and simple to operate so that even a novice can create one and begin to use it almost immediately.

Twitter is really great for advertising,the sure thing to do is to tweet about the product on the what is on your mind tab and add relevant tags to capture wider coverage then asked your followers to help retweet as well so that their followers can also see it. So that the product will be out there.for more patronage.
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There is no denying the fact that Twitter is one of the most popular social media sites that we have with a whole lot of teeming youths being a larger part of this community. This is one thing that I think of when I am looking at the ways that I can market my products. There is this thing that we always see with Twitter and it is the fact that those active members are always online every hour of the day.
This makes it easier for a marketer to have access to them since you are going to be able to market products as soon as you start launching them on the website. All that is needed is to have a strong will to do this and before you know it, you will be making a whole lot of sales as well. I think that it is also preferable than some other social media platforms when we are talking about marketing of our products.
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It a good platform to promote  products or services if only one is fully aware of the tactics to hit the targeted users  though in my opinion I don't think it will be as effective as other social platforms like instagram and facebook.
Twitter is not visited like other platforms probably because it is not as entertaining as the other platforms though people with very huge followers can easily promote their products easily and it will hit the target audience. The use of re-tweet can also help spread the message faster.

I am not too familiar with twitter compare to other platforms,  I wouldn't know if there twitter also have the marketing ads like others.. This question will prompt mean to learn about online marketing using twitter.
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Twitter can help you to advertise your products and get them out there. However, I have learned that you need to spend a lot of time on this site and tweet all the time to make a big difference. Social media is good. I know most people are sick of Facebook right now and so am I. But in the end if you create a group on Facebook and can find enough members to join this group you can actually see a small difference in your site visitors and your sales. 
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Today, because of the flock of people who use it, social media of any form becomes a good marketing place. Most of any business' target market can be reached through social media.  

Twitter is undeniably one of the top social media sites along with Facebook and Instagram. Most of its users were the younger people or the millennials and the generation z. They use it as a platform for communication with their friends.

But for business owners to use Twitter to market their products, they must first check Twitter's attributes. What is it intended for? and how what are its ways of reaching the people? Usually, twitter is expected to be bombarded with words, though users can also put photos if they want to.

Depending on the company's products, Twitter can be effective but not as effective as the other social media sites because people do not expect to do shopping or transactions over twitter. On the other hand, it can be an effective way to reach target audience and be noticed by customers. At the end of the day, proper marketing strategy will always prevail.

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