Is it right to disagree most of the time from your partners idea? - Answeree
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It is normal two person to agree and disagree. The word always now depend on the both person involved in the Union or relationship. The disagreement must be reasonable and objective   for the purpose of bettert positioning and repositioning of the relationship priority.

In my own opinion oof the subject, nobody is infallible and every living must respect that two good heads is better than one. So when I correct the wrongs of my partner, I don't expect her to see it like alwa6s because we aunt kids anymore. Equally I expect her to reason objectively pride and take heed. Same thing is applicable to when corrects me. I should also see reasons and adjust.

Two person who are living beyond hypocrisy must at a time disagree to agree
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Respect is the key ingredient to lasting relationship, what if it will be missed by any of the two?
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The Bible says can two walk together without an agreement of course the answer will be an emphatic No. There wouldn't be any unison without both parties agreeing to their terms. I don't believing in one of the partner being a Muppet in which the other will take all the decisions and even use the others brain while one play the Yes movement whether the decision taken is wrong or right.
In a relationship or marriage couples should disagree to agree,this just means they can argue or debate about a thing and at the same time come to a compromise in a very matured way so that no one get hurt. No body will ever think that argument wouldn't arise from two different people coming together but it should be done in a more reasonable way.
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Yes, I think so,there is no person that won't agree to disagree or vise versa.
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This is obvious wrong if you disagree with someone you call your partner all the time then such a person is not your partner but your subject.
it is fundamental that at single  tree cannot make a forest and no doubt two good heads are better than one.

It is a fact that we are all created to be imperfect livings with unique differences,  our togetherness helps to makes the imperfections to be perfect or unnoticed.
If you constantly disagree with your partners ideas a point will be reached when he or she will not make any impact on your discussion,  you can't be right all the time,  it is better to work or test run your partner's idea once in a while,  this will also help you to learn more about the complexity of life,  a leader who listens more to his followers or subjects hardly fail because there are options to brainstorm on before making decisions.
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Yes, that is true, but what if your partner always sees a mistake to every move you made,how would you react on it?
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I don't even think that it is about being right to disagree or not. I feel like to disagree with someone whether your partner or not is innate in us. It comes when the subject questions our personal opinions and preferences about certain things.

To think about whether it is right to disagree or not opens up another discussion as to why you should make it a choice, like I said earlier, it is a natural instinct so when you begin to reconsider, it can tell that you don't want to say otherwise because you are scared of what the other party may do or say.

It is okay to disagree on certain things with your partner. It brings out the individual in you and it shows that you can have your own strong and personal opinion and that you aren't always swayed. You can always agree to disagree. Also, disagreement doesn't have to end up in arguments.
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