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Yesterday we marked 55 years of independence. However we have a serious problem with corruption and nothing much is being done about it. Today is this sector and tomorrow is another one. Millions and billions escaping into thin air. The worst part it,the government borrows the money bring it here and police officers and politicians just end up taking it. The citizens have to keep paying more and more taxes and getting poorer and poorer.

A person steals 1 billion and when taken to court they get 100,000 bond. A drop of water in the ocean.

What do you have in your country?

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Corruption, is the major problem in every country and the politicians are mostly involve with it. Just like the same in my country, Philippines. Before the Duterte's becomes President, corrupt politicians are really known and that most politicians involve in a every scandals happening.

Since 1940's, there is already scandal involve by Manuel Roxas, who is the president during that time, the issue was about the surplus war property scandal. And jumped in 2000's, President Estrada was involve in Juetengate, that lead him into impeachment trial. And then followed by Arroyo administration which she was allegedly committing electoral fraud.There were also an issue about Philippine National Broadband  Network controversy allegation of corruption in awarding of a US$329 Million construction contract to Chinese telecommunication firm ZTE for the propose government-managed National Broadband Network. The Fertilizer Fund Scam and so much more.
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What is killing my country is Corruption,everyone in place of authority is trying to get their own share of national cake and they cut it so big that even their third and fourth generation can't finished it. Looting of the treasury by politicians is trending in my country and the masses are suffering.
Simple social amenities like clean water,light ,good road even health center is like asking them for luxuries but the masses are paying tax monthly and revenue are being generated daily from both major and minor sectors.

It really appalling that we called our country giant of Africa but we can't boast of any tangible thing we have done for ourselves. Election is coming up again next year and the same looters are out again to campaign. I hope we can rise to vote them out this time around.

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