A person with good intension to others makes me think that they are truly beautiful. What do you think?

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For me a beautiful person is made of much. The physical beauty is a contribution but it is not the main thing. A beautiful person should be someone who is beautiful mostly in the inside. The way you think, your character and what you love doing is what makes you beautiful. 

1. Self confidence.

A beautiful person is one who knows what they are worth. This is someone who views himself/herself as a worhty person without looking down on others or comparing themselves with others. 

2. Fun loving person.

This someone who loves the joy of having fun. Many people may think that a beautiful person is that who is always serious and hardworking. I view a beautiful person as that who can have some fun. That person who can throw a party to celebrate an accomplishment. 

3. Good character traits. 

I value virtues more than vices. A beautiful person is one whose character is genuinely good. This traits include integrity, generosity, compassion, empathy, sympathy, kindness and loving. Such a kind of person is easy to live with and makes every tough situation and problems seem lighter. 

This and many others helpe define one as beautiful or not. 
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Inner beauty is most important to me. The outside looks of a person don't really matter it is what is inside that makes them beautiful. A person with a good heart, kind, is easy going, willing to help a friend out, a good listener, gives advice, and is just all in all a wonderful person to be around. I think this speaks for its self and this is what makes a person beautiful inside and out. Too many people judge others by their outside appearance and don't take the time to really get to know them at all. Once you take the time to understand a person then you can tell if they are beautiful or not. 
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For me you are beautiful when you have a good heart with lot of lovely behaviors,friendly, accommodating and Godly. 


Also you are beautiful when you are adorable, simple and straight, it doesn't matter if you 100% look good facially.

Beauty is more than glamorous or expensive,it is more of inner qualities than the outer look. 
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Beautiful heart, right. Thanks.
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They say beauty lies in the hand of beholder. So what one individual considers as beauty may not be beauty to someone else. According to me beauty is all about looks. If you  look good to me you are beautiful. I find it hard to consider internal beauty or characters in a lady. For me I just go for looks. When a girl is chocolate skinned, round eyes, medium height, a good smile and she's clean to me she's beautiful.
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The saying "beauty is only skin deep" is very true. There is so much more to being beautiful than what you can see on the outside.

 I will admit to being influenced by a handsome face, I think we are naturally drawn to pretty things but sometimes a person who might not seem attractive right away becomes attractive once you get to know them because their inner self shines through. 

I think when we are young looks are more important especially when we are looking for a romantic partner but as we grow older we realise that a good heart is far more important.  In any case beauty is subjective, what one person finds attractive another may not so it's a good job we are all different and can see different qualities in the people we fall in love with.
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Despite what the media can say, beauty is not just about looks. There are many other traits besides physical appearance that can make a person beautiful.

It would be very useful and uplifting if we could all remember from time to time what the true aspect of beauty is.

Below are five things that make people really beautiful:

1. Your brain

It's really what's inside. A person who uses his words and ideas to inspire others or share his story is truly beautiful. A beautiful person is perfectly capable of changing the world. When it is working on something, it is a hundred per cent center in that. Truly beautiful people do not fear a bit of hard work because they believe in their abilities.

2. Its nutritional nature

A truly nourishing person can be hard to find. She really cares about others. Exudes love, compassion, generosity, joy and kindness. There is nothing she does not do to make another person's day happy. Be it a family member, a friend or even a complete stranger, she treats everyone kindly. The way you care about others is a truly beautiful thing.

3. Your confidence in yourself

Trust, not arrogance, is a beautiful thing. A confident person who believes to be capable of anything can certainly make a positive difference in this world. Being comfortable with yourself can help pave the way for new ideas, exciting adventures, and an independent spirit.

4. Your Skills

A person's accomplishments must be recognized. All humans on this planet are unique. The individual set of skills that a person has can be a truly beautiful thing, especially if she uses her skills to help others or change the world for the better.

5. Your Loyalty
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I tend to look for inner beauty although they say that beauty falls in the eyes of the beholder. You might find someone with good looks,I mean physical looks(handsome, nice dressing code and etc) but in deep within they're persons you never thought of.Having a very kind hear,loving and caring is what I call inner beauty.
Thank you.
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For me what makes a person beautiful is the way one expresses his or her self. When one always shows love to you always you should realise it yourself and love back. In order to know this you have to always see that the person is kind to you and always shares his or her things with you always. When the person is always with you in terms of need shows how much he loves you and you should give interest too.
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Being beautiful on the outside doesn't really mean that person is a beautiful person. Physical beauty isn't something we can control, it's given to us and not based on our own morals or anything. So a person can have a gorgeous face but be the worst person out there. So for me personally, I don't really give that much attention to how a person looks on the outside. For me to consider someone to be beautiful, they have to have a big heart that's full of good sweet intentions for other people. They have to have empathy towards others and they have to want to be good persons and contribute to their society. So, having a good heart with good intentions and being respectful is what makes a person beautiful in my opinion.
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For me, a person is beautiful if they are not joining in gossips to talk about other people's lives. I also look beautiful people that do not look down with people and are selfless. I know few people who are like that. They help other people to survive a problem without waiting anything in return. If a person respect others decision and guide them instead of wronged them, I will be a fan. A person who loves animals and take care of them. A person who is always willing to help others. I want to be one too. A beautiful person do not go with the looks. Some good looking people are insecure. They do not feel at peace if they will not be above other people. I just wish everyone would be beautiful respecting the difference and embracing their uniqueness.
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A character of a person decides how beautiful he is. For Example, we usually get attached with a person and became friends because of their character but by look. Good soul, Good Intention, Good thoughts make a person beautiful.
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People with good mind, good ideas, good thoughts, loving, friendly. Makes me feel like she or he is beautiful for me. and I should treat this people as of the best 
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A person to me will be beautiful if he is kind.

And that one word describes it all. People nowadays think being evil or being portrayed as bad is cool. No, please wake up guys it's not cool at all. Being kind is cool, being generous is cool, being helpful is cool be that. 

That would let to a lot of problems of society get resolved by itself.
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Her personality, her face, any one says i love the soul of a person is a liar

All want a beautiful man or a beautiful woman

For me i want her beautiful and respectful and high mental 
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