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Love is when you take away all the passion and fire and desire and you still find that you care a great deal for the other person. Love is deeper than physical feelings and emotions. It is how you connect mind and soul. Plus you can only meet someone as deeply as they have met themselves. If you meet half way  There's a compromise.

Lust on the other hand is full of passion and desire. A desire that needs fulfillment. Often times, people pursue that fire and it isn't long before the fire extinguishes and they are off chasing the smoke they sight from a far again.

Love and Lust can exist together in my opinion but if you were to choose one, it is better to choose love over lost all the days of your life. Love can last you a life time but lust is short lived.
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Well stated you just hit the nail on the head.The fire of lust will be fast to be put off especially if the partner is not ready to play balls. 
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Its very likely for one to muddle up love with lust.People that are on list think they are love.Well,its difficult to differentiate between both but some points I will highlight in this write up should help you differentiate between them.

If all the feeling you are having towards your partner is sexual feeling..if your partner makes you feel rather randy at all time and all you always want is for both of you to keep  strafing without wanting a much deeper connection, then its probably lust.

If you prefer keeping things casual and you don't want to delve into deeper emotions,you are not always available for conversation.. All you want is sex..then its probably lust

When you are in love,you will want to make huge sacrifices for your partner even if it puts you in harms way.At the end of the day,its your partner"s happiness that matters to you.
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I think one with sexual interest is mostly about lust while one with love goes without sexual demands and other ulterior motives.
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Love and lust are most times very difficult for people to differentiate between them since both of them involves exchange of feelings between opposite sex especially.  These are few tips to know the differences between love and lust.
Love is a relationship that is naturally build on trust,  understanding,  respect and high level of tolerance. It is survives all forms of challenges that might comes while building it,  it never end,  it always refreshing, it grows regardless material things.
Lust Is a mutual relationship that relies mostly on exchange of material things and emotionally feelings that is mostly centered on sex,  this kind of relationship doesnot survive thought times because it is not really and it is conditional.

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