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"Are you ready to become Mrs. (insert his last name)?" Those are the words he dropped while on his knees and pulling out a ring.

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When my now-husband proposed to me, he took me to the place where we had first met. He said that his dad had lost a part to his lawnmower and so we scoured and looked for the missing part near the place where we first met. After 20 minutes of no success on finding this missing part, I turned around and my (now) husband was down on one knee with an engagement ring in his hand. I screamed and then started crying. Of course I said yes!

There was no actual missing lawnmower piece. It was a proposal!
See, we had originally met at the end of my grandparents driveway. He was living across the street with his parents. This is how we met. And believe me when I say, it took another year after the proposal before he moved out of his parents house.
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This is an interesting question, i may not be married yet but i feel i can answer this question maybe for others and for myself as well. In many occassions i have seen many men go straight to the point, by going out to dinner and asking straight out would you like or would you accept to be my wife. I guess that has been the line used for a very long time, and i think it's been passed with time. Men need to be more creative don't make it so obvious, let it look like an ordinary day and just do something out of the box. If i was to pick up a line that would be used on me, it would start with a story of perhaps how we met and how we have grown joke about it, laugh together and make it look like a conversation of memories. say something like i wonder how it would feel growing old together and having wrinkles how would we look, of course you might get an answer like mmhh i wonder too, and that's when you pop the question and say" there is only one way to find out" and viola! go on your knees and pull out the ring.

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