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Please give information regarding soil requirements, tips and tricks to make them bloom?

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Azaleas require an acidic soil,5.5 PH is good,and plenty of air to the roots.You can satisfy this requirements by using pine barks in raised bed.You can also mix peat moss with the bark.Take the plant out of the pot and set it on a few inches of the mix.

Don't buy bargain plants that are extremely root bound except unless you are able to watch them often until they are established.Cut the roots on the botrom and spread them out before planting.If they wilt,water them with a hose.

If they still wilt,then the root ball is probably totally dry and you should let a horse drip on that plant for maybe an hour or you can lift it up and dunk the root inside a bucket of water.

Water your azaleas regularly during summer for good growth.The plants in full sun will need the most.Leaves are also dried out by wind making watering necessary.For best growth,they will need a small amount of watering about every third or fourth day in the summer if it had not rained.

Azaleas also require little fertilizer for better growth.You can fertilize with balanced azaleas food in April,may,June and September.Too much nitrogen fertilizer is worse than non at all.Don't overfetilize and don't water the plants excessively.

You may also add a product called ironite one or twice a year for best result. The product is safe to use.Conttonseed meal and miracle Grow are also good for azaleas

Azaleas don't need prunning.Azaleas in sunny location can attract white flies this flies can affect your plants .Take care of them by spraying the plants with orthene.Don't use dirsban on azeales
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When i said warmer climates I meant tropical climates.. This seems more suited for cooler climates rather than hot topical climates. 

And do you have any tips and tricks to make them bloom? 
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Well can use some of this tips in warmer climates too..i suggest you go through my write up with a fine toothed comb..going through my write up with much patience wouldn't hurt my friend
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Azalea requires full sun to bloom more and needs less water. Soil for azaleas should be organic with pH level between 4.5 to 6.0. You can conduct soil test and can add extra fertilizers if required. For more tips and tricks, you can seek for professional handyman.

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