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There variety of indoor plants that is good to clean up your air inside your house like,bamboo palm, Aloe plant and Peace Lily.

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There are so many houseplants can be planted surround our home, but there is no a unique one over the world because the climatic condition is different over the world so the houseplant is depend on the climatic condition of the area.

Also the houseplant have different product to satisfy the planter needs like Air fresh, For cat, Indirect light, Bathroom, Allergies, Shade , etc

The following are some houseplant and their required product:-

Ficus benjamina (indoor air quality )

Rhapis exelsa  (indoor air quality)

Zanzibar gem  (Shade)

Snake plant (Shade)

Jasmine (Improve sleep quality )

Lavender ( Help to lower stress)

Rosemary (Help to improve your memory)

Aloe vera ( improve air quality and also medical benefit)

Chrysanthemum ( there is a lot of medical benefit in this plant )
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The best plants to grow at home are the indoor and succulent plants. With occasional watering , weekly couple of days of sunlight time, they are easier to maintain and grow well. They also add to our home decor and occupy less space, adds the much needed greenery to our living space. Some of the best plants to grow at home are :

  1. Aloe Vera and cactus, which comes under succulent variety and provides fresh oxygen
  2. Mint and coriander herbs as they grow faster and can also be used for cooking purposes.
  3. Areca Palm , as they stay in a bunch together, grow slower and live long for 20 years
  4. Jade plant , they look really pretty as a corner decor
  5. Sword Fern for their amazing greenery and look
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My mum had such 'green fingers'. She could bring a dying plant back to life and had so many beautiful plants around her house. I was not as gifted so I had to choose plants that did not need a lot of care.

I found the easiest plants to keep were those that did not need a lot of water. Spider plants are really easy even if you forget to water them for a few weeks and of course the cactus which likes mainly dry conditions. You have to be careful not to over water with these as that can kill them. Another plant that I found easy to manage is the rubber plant.  They can grow tall but make a lovely feature in the house. I still have my mum's rubber plant and have managed to keep it lush and green even though she has been gone three years so if you are not good with plants I would recommend these.

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