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If your goal this year is to make your  boyfriend happy,then the following tips might help

  • By meeting his emotional needs,you automatically make him happy.Give him high doses of respect.Try to satisfy this needs on a daily basis
  • Celebrate your boyfriend.. Find out what makes him unique.Celebrate his uniqueness by giving him positive affirmation and verbal applause.On his birthday or when he gets a promotion or achieve a personal victory, applaud him. Tell him you are proud of him
  • Be an  active listener.When he is their to vent about his bad days,be their to listen.Switching off your phone,stepping away from the television or avoiding things that can distract you can make you an active listener.Listen to him without giving advice unless he needs one.Be his confidant, be his sounding wall
  • By holding his hands,greeting him with a hug or kiss,sking him about the touch he prefers,you show your boyfriend you care about him and that will definitely make him happy.

There are some other tips too but the ones included in this write up will definitely make your boyfriend happy. Their are tons of this tips on the internet.Goodluck

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Relationships are a two way street, you scratch my back and i scratch yours. It cannot be a give and take kind of situation. we are together for a reason and so we both have a role to play, it's not only about the boy, the girl also needs to be taken care of. Commending each other is something that has to be done both ways. that is how i feel, because if i am going to take care of my boyfriend, then who is going to take care of me? You have not married me yet, so as i respect you, care for you and so on i expect you to do the same for me that is how two people grow together in love. I believe we should do for each other what the other would want to be done for. We are in this relationship for the same reason, so my reasoning would be what you want or expect from you will get so long as it does not put me in a compromising situation, and that should also apply to you.

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