Do you think peoples will be able to colonize other planets in the future?
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That is like asking if people can live in a tank. Yes, but they need a very good reason to try at all.
Besides, getting to another planet is so expensive and we are doing so well on this one that one wonders why anybody even considers the idea.
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The USAs president Donald Trump have talked alot about it before.
Are we really doing so well on this one? I think one of the reasons why they're trying to explore the possibility of life on other planets is because we keep on messing with the one we have right now. 
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This will always remain as a possibility. Let us not forget that even the things that were once impossible to achieve are now at an arm's reach. So if man will continue its exploration on other planet's then soon enough we will be able to discover how it will be possible for us to inhabit a new planet.

However, I do hope that we will not be fixated on this thought. I hope we will still try to protect the only inhabitable planet that we have right now.
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