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From where do successful bloggers get their content from? How they make amazing lengthy information on various topics? As copied content has no value on SEO I wonder are these people an encyclopedia to serve the readers with lot of original unique contents?
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To become successful as a blogger is not easy as it takes a lot of effort, time, and of course knowledge and ideas how to connect to their readers. I can't do this however I started my food blogs recipe since I like cooking and baking. It's not easy to maintain the sites. It needs more ideas on your own or got some ideas somewhere else and compile them into your own words.
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There are so many online platforms where you can get professional freelance writers who offers their services for sale in writing high quality content. 

Fiverr is an example of such sites. 

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No, successful bloggers are not encyclopedias. They are smart. They offer guest posting on their blog site. This means that they open their blog up to many people who want to start off blogging and get noticed. A person will write the article for the blog and submit it to the blog owner for approval. If the blog owner likes the blog they will post it on their site. At the end of the blog. the write has an author's box that tells people who wrote the article, what the website or blog site is and a short bio about the author. These blog sites have it set up for comments and they allow the person who wrote the content to respond to the comments left. They actually tell the person that they should respond back to all their comments. 

The second way, a great site gets their blog posts is by paying people to write for them. The owner of the site will have a Write for US section on the blog. In this section, it will tell a person how much the owner of the blog is willing to pay, how long the article should be, and what they expect from a person. 

You will contact the site with a short summary of what you want to write. If the owner thinks this is good they will ask you to write up the article. You'll submit the complete article to the site owner. They can accept it how it is written or ask you for changes. Once the article is posted on the site you are paid for your work. 

Otherwise, it is up to you to do your own research and write your own articles. I own a review site that reviews all types of work at home programs that you can join to make money working online. I do all my own research, testing, and speaking with people who work on the site. I write up my own reviews. My plans for the future is to open my site up to other freelancers and offer them money for writing the reviews that are posted on the site. But until the website is making more money this is not possible. So for now, it is up to me to do all the work and research into the articles that are posted on my site.
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You are indeed good at this. I also used to have so many questions about bloggers but slowly am beginning to understand how it all works. You have actually educated me on this. All i know it that they do their own research on stuff amd then write it out for people to read. I like the way you have broyght it out short and precise.
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I understand how it works because I have been hired by several blogs to write for them. I wrote for different blog owners for years and also created websites/blogs and sold them off. The new website/blog I am working on now won't be sold off. I enjoy this one a lot and it really helps people learn about how to earn money online. I know of 150 different websites that pay the freelance writer to write for them. If you are good at what you do you can actually make a decent living online. You just need to know where to go and how to look for what you want. 
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I would say that all the successful bloggers get their content from their passion for knowledge and information. They are able to make amazing and lengthy information on various subjects because they are very much interested in gaining knowledge. For that reason anyone can become encyclopedia and provide the readers with lot of original and unique content.
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Its just a matter of creativity and some of them go an extra mile to do research before they post. For others, they always get their content from trending news like politics and social life. On the contrary, there are other bloggers who post rumors and end up destroying the name of the "bloggers" and people end up making a conclusion that bloggers are rumor mongers and nothing they say it's true.
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If you check the successful bloggers, you will find that they are not jack of all trades, instead they are masters of few trades. In other words, the successful bloggers do not publish on all sorts of niches, instead they focus on a couple of niches. Thus, if you want to become successful you need to focus on a few niches and develop better interest.

Secondly, the successful bloggers are walking encyclopedia, instead they know how to find information and how to use the information in their writing. The successful bloggers are good at researching and presenting information.

Thirdly, the successful bloggers devote a lot of time in developing content. Since a good content is the key to generate traffic and revenue, they published well written content.

Successful bloggers also know how to outsource content. They will hire a writer to write for them.
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I agree, it is much better to have your own niche, even with the topic of your blog. I have a friend that has a cooking blog, where she shares her cooking techniques that was  a legacy of her parents.
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I am a blogger and I get my content based on my thoughts if the blog is about my personal life. If it is about product review, of course, I made sure I have a product and have been using it for 2 months and more before I able to make a review. I make sure that whatever I put into my blog, it is based on a personal experience and me, by using the product. If it is about trending topics, I need to make a thorough research about the information. It is hard when you are just sharing what you assume because you read it somewhere. It is much better that you put on something like "allegedly " word on it and of course, make your blog be more interesting based on other's blog. When it is about current affais or health issue, I make sure I made a research and I am already have a list of links or website where I get my information posted on my blog.
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They are not encyclopedia but they are very creative people that are engage in resourceful thinking and reasoning that will improve their daily life financially and educationally.
In my opinion bloggers source their contents basically into different ways which are :

Self generated contents,  some bloggers are naturally talented such that they can write very beneficial articles in a short period of time,  they can write up to 5 detailed articles or more in a week .

Trade Contents: I see bloggers as middle men in the chain of information dissemination and transactions because they open up their blogs to private writer or forums to submit there sample articles,  if they are satisfied they reward the writers and publish the articles on their blogs which generate them more traffics than earned them much more that they spend.
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I actually asked such question when I became a freelance writer because it looks so interesting seeing a lengthy well detailed and informative as well as high quality contents published on the blog on daily basis.

As I was growing and learning on the job of working online as a freelancer writer, I came to understand that there are some highly skilled freelance writers who get paid to write such high quality articles and contents for blogs owners. Freelance writers contributes more than 50 percent of all the contents that you see on most blogs.

The blog owner too add high quality contents as well on his or her own blog but it's not always because of the time it takes to research and write such high quality contents for their blogs.
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Generally, bloggers blog about what they're passionate about - something they know a lot about and something that they wouldn't mind spending hours researching. If you don't blog about your passions, it becomes a dead-end job that will bore you to the end of your days. If you like food, you'll most likely become a food blogger. Bloggers create their articles from scratch and talk about whatever they want to talk about - that's the beauty of blogging. You have the freedom to write what you want, in your own time, and get paid for it. Some large blogs don't have the time to post blog posts regularly, so they'll also hire experts of guest bloggers to post something on their blog.

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