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It’s taking a toll on me. I get so angry sometimes that I yell at her. It makes me want to rip my hair out! I just want her to stop being so power hungry (as in trying to feel good by bothering me and feel like she can do anything) and just be nice (along with the stupid songs that she listens to).

Please help me!!

I am so desperate to end this!!!!
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That's normal, and so is your silly reaction. By the time you are old enough to vote you will have forgotten all about it. 
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First off I would like to say that I completely understand what you are going through and also how you are reacting to her behavior. It all depends on the dynamic of the house hold and also age. Coming from the elder child out of three.  I completely understand given the fact that they were much younger and liked to get a rise out of me. What I think helped the most in my situation was when I would sit down or find other activities to do with them for a bit. This then would make them feel as though they where important. It is also a good idea that I have tried before is to treat them as equals and make them feel as old as you are, this will help them see you differently and make them have a  different type of relationship, one that is stronger and shows compermise. I hope this was helpful good luck and hang in there

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First of all, why don't you go out somewhere to avoid her? Try to hangout more with your friends and stay away from her the most. Also, I think she just need some attention, so why don't you go to your parents and ask them yo deal with her? Tell them she is really getting into your nerves. The last thing I can think of is to bribe her. Tell her that you're going to give her something she likes if she stops.
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When you are feeling annoyed it means there is something going on inside yourself that needs to be dealt with. Try a different approach that puts the responsibility on you, the older sibling. Wear earplugs, go for a walk, be sure you’re eating well and getting enough sleep. Often times our negative responses are because we aren’t taking care of ourselves. Spend time with your sister when you are in a good patient frame of mind and maybe that will help. 
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Younger siblings can be a pain from time to time. They are just looking up to you and wanting your approval. When you were younger and she was young you spent more time with her and played with her. Now you are getting older she misses the time you spent together and this is one way of showing you she misses you. I know it is annoying and maybe if you just spent some time with her again she would stop all this and leave you alone. She just looks up to you and does not know how to show you this.

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