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Which is the best place to put ads on my new blog? It's only getting a very few traffic which is gradually increasing. I need an instant activation. Is it worth to wait for Adsense approval? Is there any Adsense alternative out there?

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Better wait for good traffic, write more quality contents, get more viewers, are the best methods for monetization. Apply for Adsense approval when you reach more than 1000 unique visit to your blog/website per day. Adsense is the widely known, best monetization program in the Internet world.  Hope this helped you.
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As of now, you should focus of traffic rather then ads revenue. Even placing ads on low traffic website does not generate any revenue by adsense.

If you are promoting your site yourself and did not get enough traffic, create and post very high quality contents at your site and do complete seo to promote same by means of all available channels including paid press releases, social media promotions and even PPC. Once your site became popular and attract enough traffics, you can stop paid advertising and focus on organic seo to keep improvements in traffic and by that time you can include adsense ads onto your site too to generate some revenue. 

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