Say you have someone like a family member who just hates you for existing (ex, hates that you take up space, hates that you eat food, etc.). How would I be able to make peace with that person?

Side note: Not making peace with that person and just ignoring that person is not an option.
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This is not such an easy task and maybe it will never happen. In the end, you might just have to accept the fact that this person does not like you and will stay mad at you forever. In the end, it might be up to you to accept this fact and move on with your life and just let it go. You can do yourself more harm than good dwelling on these issues. Just keep in mind that not everyone will like you and be your friend. Keep the friends you have close and do them no harm. they will stay your friend for a long time to come. If you feel like you need to make amends with this person try sending them a letter in the mail. All that they can do is rip it up and throw it away or they can answer you back.
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It is quite an awkward situation when you have to live around people who are not so happy with, or they tend to hate everything that you do. Most of the times, if you look deep into the reasons you will find that they feel threatened about you. Otherwise there is usually no good reason for they're hostility towards you. I believe such people have issues in their lives and the only way to get rid of them is by getting it out on someone else. I have been a victim before with my brother inlaw. He always seemed to be irritated whenever i was around my sister and i always used to wonder why. So for my own sake amd sanity i prayed about the whole situation, then i forgave him for whatever it was that was bringing friction towards me, and i moved on. He's the one who has issues if he doesn't deal with it he will suffer on his own. So the best thing is to pray and if they get convicted they will talk to you if not, you have no cause to worry yourself don't carry baggage that doesn't belong to you let they bear ot themselves.
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This is one tough situation. Since you want to make peace with him or her, then you should try your very best to make him/her like you eventually. However, making this as an obsession will not bring you any good. So I suggest start by not getting in his/her way. With this, I mean do not keep close contact with his/her friends or occupy the same social space. 

Also, try to ignore if he/she ever gets mad at you for no reason. This will require great patience but you have got to endure all this if what you want is peace. Try to do good every now and then. 

The next best thing I thought is to be distant, and hope that with your absence, he/she will come to realize that there's nothing to hate about you because you're family.
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First you have to decide in your heart to forgive and let go of every pain between you the person. Second give some time, because time heals, thirdly also maintain a friendly deposition with respect.  Irrespective of his/her behavior do not react the same way he does but proof to him that you have let gone of the past. Give a smile where necessary, when you show love in the midst of hate, you are quenching that fire of hate, but when you return hate for hate you are burning it more. So apply this principle though the result may not be immediate for it is certain.  
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It's tough to live under other people's standards, especially people whom you get to see everyday and you are living in just one roof. It's hard when the people who you expected to encourage, to love you unconditionally, to support you every step of the way are the people who degrades you, belittles you and might be the reason why you lack self-confidence. Remember this people is your family, they just know what's best for you and just challenges you to become braver when you go out of your comfort zone, because you will experience more worse outside of the four-walled space where you live in. Imagine this as a motivation, continue being true to yourself and stay optimistic! Wherever you maybe in your next journey, no one will love you and can replace the love of your family for you. 
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If it's not your fault, I think just ignore them. Ask if they need help when they're facing a problem, they will be shame for hating you. Another way is make a distance with them, avoid to meet them in any occasion if it would make them better.
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