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Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook?

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Instagram is the best social media site. You get pictures of your friends and family and favorite celebs all in one feed. And they are great exposure for small businesses—advertisements are usually for unique products and online shops that aren’t normally advertised on google/side bar ads, etc.
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You are right, instagram is the best social site. Few years earlier Facebook was the best social media app. 
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Hi! It depends on the reason why you are on social media. There are 2 popular reasons why people create social media accounts:

1. Business

2. Communication

If you are doing business, it is best to locate where where your target market is. Facebook is a safe choice because most people and social media users are on it. For instance, you are aiming for the millennials and the generation Z, maybe it is also advisable to create an Instagram account as most of your target customers would most likely have an IG account.

It is also right to consider the type of business you have. Various social media sites have a different platform for marketing and it is best to choose the most suitable for you.

In case you are on social media because you wanted to connect with the world, it will now be depending on your personality. It is not a secret that these sites have different  ways of communicating to the word. Instagram is more on gorgeous photos while twitter is a more personal arena. on the other hand, some people dislike Facebook as it's now too crowded. It depend on who you wanted to connect and communicate with and the platform you are more comfortable with.
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Facebook is the best social media platform with 2.7 billion users, you can connect with friends, family and colleagues, share pictures and videos, live stream your event, and also search and connect with lost friends. With Facebook location is not a limitation and you can follow and know when someone is online for a quick chat, a feature most social media platforms do not have.  With Facbook you can make both voice and video calls another feature most platforms do not have. 

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