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I think the sweetest fruit for me would be mangoes. They can be eaten a little ripe so long as they have matured well, with a little chilli and salt you can really enjoy it, when they are ripe, they are really yummy, when over ripe you can use them to make fresh juice. I don't think there is any other fruit that can be eaten in those three forms and still tastes good or sweet.

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There are all kinds of fruits that are sweet and delicious to eat. I love peaches, nectarines, watermelon, cherries, grapes, apricots to name a few. Theses are all sweet fruits and have a lot of juice in them. They are also great to make salads with and just to enjoy as an afternoon snack. It is so healthy to eat a lot of different kinds of fruits. Just be careful to not eat too many of them because certain people can not handle the acid in fruits and it can upset your stomach.
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Thank you very much for your replay. I will definitely have to try peaches. The peaches that I can remember eating would be the peaches that are in the cans. However I enjoy grapes they are so refreshing and also make great all natural water flavor. I appreciate the advice about to much acid that can come from fruits such as pineapple that can be very upsetting to some people. I also really appreciate the time and the effort that you took to answer my question. 
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I live in the tropic and eat a lot of mangos. They are so juicy and sweet and this fruit is good for you and does not upset your stomach if you eat too much of it.

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