I suppose there's no reason we shouldn't but I always wonder if anyone will read my answer after the question has been awarded. Do you answer the questions that have been awarded?
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Yes, I generally answer the question which has already been answered with the best answer. It has 2 reasons:

1. I only answer the question if I understand that I can answer it in a better way or I do have a in depth knowledge about the question. 
2. The answer which is best today may not be tomorrow, and the answer which is answered by me may also become the best in future.
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If I remember it correctly, once an answer has been selected as best, then others can no longer provide their answers but are only allowed to make a "reply" or "comment" on other people's answers. Now that you've asked for this, I see that they still allow us to answer questions that have already been settled.

To answer your question, yes. I do read answers to questions even if it has already been awarded and I no longer have the chance of being selected. I read them for the purpose of knowing other people's thoughts on the matter and learn something new. If I have something interesting to add that hasn't been mentioned previously then I will write an answer as well
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Yes I do irrespective of the best answers given by others, I still have my opinion which may differ from others but very useful to others as well. So I answer question based on my knowledge of the particular question, so in summary no answer is a waste, you still get rewarded for answers, and also help in keeping this site very busy. 
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