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You don't have to set standards for someone for you to know that they are suitable for you. You fall in love with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. As long as that person stays with you through thick and thin, makes you a better person, loves you beyond imperfection, and makes you his or her priority...that person suits you well. 
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very interesting points from you, and can't agree less, you don't need a perfect partner, but someone who will bring the best out for you and be there for you through thick and thin.
Yes. I hope you find that someone soon. Someone who will make you happy and makes you the luckiest person alive. All the best for you
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It all depends with your choice of man or woman that you like. If he has all the qualities that you're looking for then he's fine but that's not enough because you need to check his characters as well. If he's got everything that you need the he's they right for you. But then, that's never enough, with time yoully easily get to know his true colours especially when you move in together. That's when you'll tell whether he's your choice or not.
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Compatibility is a major factor in relationships, due to differences in culture, background, peer pressure we all grow up with varying opinions and behavior, but it always advisable to look for someone who will help develop your weaknesses.
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He/she is suitable for you if you become a better person after meet them. You feel happy anytime be with them and feel missing if they re not be with you. They are always there when you need help and make you have wonderful life even with simple thing.
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