How often do you check your weight?
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We have a weighing scale at home so I get to check my weight from time to time. Oftentimes, just for fun, I check my weight every after I had a meal just to see if I got fat. At work, however, we do have a mandatory medical checkup which requires us to have our weight checked to see if it still falls to the normal Body-Mass Index.
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Actually not fixed but when people start telling that I have started to appear fat, the first thing I do is go and check my weight!!!!!! 
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Overweight or being fat is a more physical sign of aging unnecessary weight which is a health indicator for ill health. 
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I check my body weight depending upon it's necessity. There is no fixed schedule in checking my body weight. However it is checked at least twice in a year.
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I'm also checking weight depending upon the necessary. But usually check once a week is better to calculate your weight for fitness.
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I do check my weight once a month. I am too skinny. So I trying weight gain program. For that, I do check my weight once a month or twice a month. 
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I do not check my weight often, but am always conscious of what I eat and the amount of food I eat. This helps me keep my weight in check, sometimes if I sleep more than working I noticed an increase in weight so I am also conscious of my activities. 
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I often check my weight in my school. Sometimes when I go to the doctor, I still do my weight. It alerts me about my health. But there is no fixed schedule for checking my body weight. When I feel my body got heavy then I go through it.
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I do check my weight after every two months. Weight is also a risk factor to lifestyle, non communicable diseases. Hence I do check regularly together with that of my family members. 
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Once before my weight loss journey and every weekend to monitor the progress. checking my weight like this helps me become more motivated in my goal. 
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It seems I need to check it for being reminded by you. I do not check my weight often but at random. All I can say is that I was able to trim down a bit lately.
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I am not much really concerned about my weight , has long has it does not slow me down and give me diseases I am not worried about it 
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I am glad that you do not weight conscious. I, myself wanted to keep fit as much as possible. Because of this pandemic, I was diagnosed to having borderline hypertension. So I need to be careful about what to be consumed every meal every day.
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Not Always and not everyday and after every meal m maybe once a week or once every two weeks, am not obsessed with checking my weight all the day.
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