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Yes it's possible to lose weight in 5 days but the amount of loss in weight will not be much. You can lose weight in range of 1 to 1.5 kgs only in 5 days. For better results, you need to go through the weight loss process. During the process you need to do exercise and eat healthy diets.
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 To loss weight in 5 days that's not possible because to  loss weight it's a process which can take weeks or even months by taking the required measures of weight loss process.

Since it is a process their are also conditions which someone will have to follow.
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If your looking for a quick fix wallgreens or cvs pharmacies have a drink that will help you loose up to fifteen pounds in a week but that's going to be all water weight not actual fat loss hope this helps
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The fastest way to lose weight is to burn your calories. Exercise at least once 5 days a week to burn more fat. You should exercise at least for 55 minutes.
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Yes is possible,but the main thing you will loose is water,but it will still be 5kg less.

So it'possible,all you need is eat lot of veggetables,drink lot of water,eat proteins....
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