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Am a single dad that want to have an open relationship with a lovely single mum but don't know where to find one. 
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What I will advise you to do is to go to online dating sites especially the one meant for single parents. And ensure the distance is not that too far from where you are staying so that it would not become impossible to connect her if possible everything goes as planned.

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Well, answering that can be a challenge, after all it depends where you are located, the fact that you want an "open" relationship (I dont think many mothers would like to have that kind of relationship, but everything is possible).

You can look on your community, going places (after all love comes in the most random occasions, can meet the woman of your life while shopping for groceries...)

You can also look on Tinder and other websites, though I am not sure you would find "a mother" advice is dont restruct your searches to who is or is not a mother...also keep in mind that love cannot be picked like we pick food in the shelves of a supermarket...
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That's GREAT answer 
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Thank you very much, that is very kind of you to take your time to comment that :) much appreciatedd!
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Its hard to meet a single mom but then nothing is impossible. You just can't go to the streets asking every women if they're single.Its a process. You might meet some woman maybe in a meeting or some forum, just anywhere ,they might not be single but might be ready to have you and your kid(s).

What do you don't have to do is rush, take things slowly and let them be sure.Don't just pick and woman even if she's got kids and try make her the woman you're looking for because you will really regret.
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For some unknown reason I was under the impression you were married because of your last question concerning opening a bank account with your spouse. Well anyhow this is your business. Meeting a single women can happen at a coffee shop, while at the park with your children, shopping, or even at church. You never know when a person will attract your eye and you will attract their eye. This in a way is one of the best ways to slowly get to know the person and talk with them. Otherwise, you can visit a few online dating sites and find a single woman there. This will all depend on you and if she is willing to have an open relationship with you or not. There are some women that enjoy this type of relationship, and then there are many who won't deal with this at all. I think this will take a very special woman to deal with this type of relationship and it might be best if you find them online at a dating site. Most women want more from a relationship and don't really like the idea that you'd be seeing other women and not only them. I wish you lots of luck and hope you can find what you are looking for.
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To answer this question would be an illusion in its own existence you can not point out the exact place or fact that where you are going to meet her. Even though it would be difficult for a mother to be in this kind of relation but you never know what is going to happen, everything is possible in this world. If you say about love then its the intimate feeling, it will definitely find the way to you. The things that matter to find even after these words is where you are, your status for sure, your community you belong to. You can search around you. You can find her in your neighbour, while you are at shopping, while hotelling and much more. You can find the way through internet using different types of sites like facebook or you might get her in random chatting or calling sites.
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I think you can meet single mums online on the different social media platforms .you can explore Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook groups and pages. There are specific Facebook pages that are designated for single mums you could either join or browse through to see how you can hook up with one.

You can Also create a profile on some dating sites and input your details and your needs. Try to make the details as  serious as possible and include your real images to also attract serious mums also  to contact you.

You can also drop your profile on a thread created by a blog called SDK blog.She has a single and mingle thread on blog,you can browse through the profile there or drop ours to be  contacted by the single mums there.
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Your question seems a bit tricky. Even if you go out for a walk, you can't even be sure if a woman you bump into is a single mom. It's not as if they have this tag that shouts, "Hey, I'm a single mom!" Kidding aside, there are a lot of dating apps that you can turn to. Yes, you may consider Tinder, as it is quite popular and I think people of all ages, who are ready for a relationship, use it. Another app which you may want to try is OkCupid. I think it is better than Tinder because it allows users to say more about themselves like what their hobbies, interests, favorite movies/series are among others. Having this kind of information ready will make it easier to know whether you have something in common.
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My daughter met her husband on the free dating site Plentyoffish (she married on August 11th this year after 4 years of dating), and I know of other people who have been lucky and met their life partner here too. She also had another long term boyfriend before she met her husband although this relationship fizzled out after 2 years so it is possible to meet people this way. You can set your distance restrictions and let interested people know how far you are willing to travel.

Some places also run clubs for single people/parents. Where I live there is a group called Gingerbread which has been set up in many towns for single parents to meet. I'm not sure whether your town runs places like this but even if you don't meet people who are looking for a relationship it's good to meet others in the same situation as you as being a lone parent can be very isolating, Maybe you could do a google search to see if your area runs any sort of clubs for singles.

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